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Roehl Transport Provides Free Practice CDL Tests Online for Truck Drivers
July 19th, 2019

Whether you are a student driver or a trained CDL holder, you might need a little practice behind the wheel of a big rig. Maybe you are preparing for the CDL exam in your state. Or you could be an OTR truck driver who is getting back into the industry after a hiatus. Whatever your reason for needing to study to be a truck driver, we’ve got a resource for you. One trucking company, Roehl Transport, has practice tests available right now.

Free Practice Tests: What to Expect

When you get a free CDL practice test you are preparing for the first part of the CDL exam—the written knowledge exam. You will be required to pass the first exam in any state in order to get your commercial learner’s permit. The CLP will enable you to start driving behind the wheel. When you have trained behind the wheel, then you are ready to take the second part of the total CDL exam—the skills test.

So what can you learn through a free practice test online at Roehl? Roehl offers several different practice exams, all available online. This means you are training for the written part of the CDL exam. These practice tests include:

  • General knowledge
  • Combination vehicle
  • Air brakes

You have two sets of practice exams for each category, which gives you the advantage of practicing twice using different questions/answers. These six tests are all free at Roehl and you can take them as many times as you want or need. That way you can practice from anywhere whether you are at work on your lunch break or sitting around the house on a Saturday.

Other Resources for Roehl Student Drivers

At Roehl Transport, you also have access to paid CDL training. So along with getting free CDL practice tests online, the trucking company at Roehl will provide you with a trucking job as a student. That’s great news, especially if you want to save money while training to be a trucker. Get started today with your trucking career and see how much you can earn with your first trucking job.

Finding Trucking Jobs for Students

Here at Careers in Gear, we also have plenty of resources for student drivers. Check out our trucking jobs for student drivers and rookies. See what kinds of haul types, pay rates, and bonuses are available for drivers with no experience. You’ll be pleasantly surprised to find out that there are tons of trucking companies hiring new drivers with little to no training. Along with Roehl Transport, dozens of other trucking carriers are providing paid CDL training for student drivers.

You can also find trucking companies that provide you with free truck driver training for your CDL, as well as companies offering 100 percent tuition reimbursement. Sort through all of the trucking companies hiring student drivers near you to find out what kind of options are available to you.

You can start utilizing these resources so to take your trucking career to the next level without spending anything out of pocket. After all, you want to make money—not spend money on a trucking job. Where else can you get a trucking job without spending any money? Why right here at Careers in Gear.

Make More Money as a New Trucker

We give you everything you need to get your next, or even your first, trucking job. See what we have to offer for you with a quick peek at our free truck driver job search. Find a trucking job and get your application in right this instance. Start making the money you deserve and earning the wage you want with Careers in Gear at your side in the hiring process.

Source: Roehl Transport – Blog

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