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Oakley Trucking (16,060 Jobs)

Oakley Trucking is a dry bulk trucking company that contracts solely with Owner-Operators. The family-owned company provides freight hauling transportation services to customers across the United States, as well as into Canada. It was founded in 1968 by Bruce Oakley, and its headquarters is in North Little Rock, Arkansas.

Owner-Operators haul 100 percent of freight for Oakley Trucking across six dry bulk divisions: Regional End Dump, OTR End Dump, Hopper Bottoms, OTR Pneumatics, Vacuum Pneumatics, and Sand Pneumatics. Owner-Operators must supply their tractors for freight transportation, but the company provides trailers drivers, including hopper bottom trailers, pneumatic trailers, and end dump trailers.

Oakley Trucking provides regional and OTR truck driving opportunities for solo and team Owner-Operators. In Oakley Trucking's hopper bottom division, truck drivers handle sand, roofing granules, fertilizer, feed, grain, and other freight for farms, feed mills, pet food manufacturers, and roof shingle manufacturers. Pneumatic truck drivers handle soda ash, fly ash, roofing granules, salt, plastic pellets, and PVC powder freight. End-dump drivers transport scrap metal, petroleum coke, grain, fertilizer, and alloys for customers. Drivers may be responsible for palletized or bagged materials, as well.