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Martin Brower (1 Jobs)

Martin Brower is a trucking company that offers supply chain management and logistics services. The company believes in “Making it easier to run great restaurants” and upholds the highest quality control standards for delivering products to customers. To do this, Martin Brower hires truck drivers to run freight in refrigerated trailers from coast to coast.

More than 11,000 people work for the company in more than 19 countries. Globally, Martin Brower has facilities in 74 locations, and truck drivers for the company have moved more than 166 million miles. The company also has 28 facilities in the United States alone, with 25,000 restaurants and 11,000 employees working for them.

Martin Brower truck drivers handle refrigerated freight deliveries from supplier docks to restaurants for stocking. One of the main shipping customers that Martin Brower delivers freight for is McDonald’s. The company is also a part of the Reyes Family of Businesses, which includes Reyes Holding. As a result, truck drivers for Martin Brower are likely to handle freight for Reyes shipping customers, too. This is for restaurants, retail stores, and distribution centers, including warehouses and port facilities.

Employees, including truck drivers working for Martin Brower, receive access to comprehensive health insurance benefits, including dental, vision, and life insurance. Truck driver benefits also include flexible spending accounts, 401K plans with aggressive company match, and short-term, as well as long-term disability plans.