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XPO Logistics Offers Accelerated Truck Driver Training for Military Vets XPO Logistics Offers Accelerated Truck Driver Training for Military Vets
XPO Logistics Offers Accelerated Truck Driver Training for Military Vets
December 4th, 2018

If you are a military veteran interested in a trucking career in the civilian sector, now is a great time to apply for a trucking job. In fact, companies like XPO Logistics are working to help pave the way for veteran drivers like you. XPO recently unveiled a new accelerated truck driver training program geared at military veterans. Whether you are a vet who drove a truck in the US military or have no military driving experience, this trucking company in Connecticut is ready to train you. Learn more about the two types of military vet truck driver training at XPO Logistics.

Accelerated Truck Driver Training

As a military veteran in need of a job, you don’t want to spend four months in trucking school. You especially want to avoid spending even more time dealing with bureaucracy and paperwork. Yet getting a commercial trucking job, even if you were a military truck driver, can be time-consuming if you try to do it all on your own. Fortunately, one trucking company based in Greenwich, Connecticut is helping military vets get to work with accelerated truck driver training.

This new fast-paced truck driver training will get military vets behind the wheel of a big rig at XPO Logistics in just four weeks. Keep in mind, if you are a veteran or reservist without trucking experience in the military, there’s another program available for you at XPO. To qualify for the rapid CDL training program, military veterans must have trucking experience. This means you have your military truck driving license and understand how to safely operate a Class 8 tractor with a trailer.

If you have this experience, then you qualify for this accelerated program that gets you into the driver’s seat with your Class A CDL in a month. The program is free, so you don’t have to deal with GI Bill benefits or student loans. In exchange for this training, XPO Logistics will contract you on to work for at least 12 months.

Military Vet Training and No Experience

If you are a military veteran with no driving experience or training while in service, XPO Logistics offers truck driver training for you, too. It is also free as long as you contract to drive for the carrier for at least a year. This training includes 12 weeks and 240 contact hours to provide you with everything you need to be a successful OTR truck driver. The training for military veteran drivers at XPO Logistics will be available in a staggering 114 locations in the US. XPO Logistics will provide

Regarding the new training opportunity, Meghan Henson, XPO Logistics Chief Human Resources Officer said, “We value our veterans and the skills they earned through their military service. We want to help them put that experience to work here at XPO in careers that fit their lifestyle and their goals. XPO is growing, and we’re providing opportunities for veterans to grow with us,” says Meghan Henson chief human resources office of XPO Logistics.”

Driving a Truck as a Military Veteran

Why is it such a big deal to get a trucking job as a military veteran? If you worked as a truck driver or transportation expert in the military, then you already have behind the wheel experience. You know your way around a truck, and you want to be able to put your skills toward a salary as a commercial truck driver. However, even with your military truck driving license, you are not qualified to be a truck driver in the states. You will have to get your CDL, which is where the CDL training at XPO Logistics comes in.

Since XPO understands drivers like you already know the ropes of being a trucker, there is no need to waste your time on extended truck driver training courses. You don’t need to spend 12 weeks in classroom training when you can pick up everything you need to know to pass the exam in a month of training. Plus, by going through trucking school at XPO Logistics, you don’t have to do another truck driver training program. You are getting a free truck driver education and will have a trucking job at XPO Logistics lined up for when you are graduated.

Another way you can find trucking schools and truck driving jobs that pay top dollar is by searching for information on Careers in Gear. As the internet’s leading resource for truck drivers, we focus on finding the facts about the trucking industry you need to know–before you even know you need it. We also have all of those big dollar trucking jobs lined up and waiting for you to apply.

Source: XPO Logistics – Newsroom

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