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XPO Logistics Adds Alternative Fuel to Trucks for Drivers
November 6th, 2019

In the race to see which trucking company can save the most money on fuel, carriers are going all out. Along with joining organizations like the SmartWay Partners with the EPA, you have XPO Logistics and other companies utilizing alternative fuel sources. The new trucks are going to be operating in the French countryside for now. However, with the growth and inclusion of alternative fuel sources for trucking equipment, this could be coming our way in the US soon. Learn all about how these alternative fuel vehicles operate and will benefit the XPO Logistics fleet of drivers and their customers.

About Alternative Fuel Trucks

The trucks that XPO Logistics has purchased includes 100 new Stralis Natural Power Euro VI tractors. These trucks are operated by compressed natural gas (CNG) using Stralis LNG natural power. The process for CNG power is interesting. According to IVECO, the natural liquified gas is stored in cryogenic tanks at -125 degrees C. This is heated in the heat exchanger and the energy is transferred to the engine as a gas.

The use of CNG instead of diesel is reducing the emissions released, as well as the noise produced by the tractors. A Stralis Natural Power Euro VI tractor produces sound at a lower decibel compared to a diesel-powered tractor. This is a great side-benefit of these CNG powered trucks, especially for drivers who have difficulties hearing as it is.

XPO Logistics Adds 100 CNG Trucks

Having 100 of these trucks added to the XPO Logistics fleet is an investment in sustainability for the company. Right now the trucks will be operating overseas in France. They are running in the picturesque landscape of Paris and the Greater Lyon regions. The reason why they are operating these trucks in the European landscape is that XPO Logistics is a global leader in the trucking industry.

The company has been dedicated to cutting down on the carbon emissions and noise pollution in major European cities and this new fleet is part of this journey. Along with these trucks, the company will add up to 170 new trucks with the CNG power along with 20 more LNG/CNG trucks in Spain and Portugal, as well as in the UK.

From the President of XPO Logistics, Troy Cooper, “Our ongoing investments in alternative fuel technologies are an important part of our strategy as a sustainable business. XPO will continue to partner with truck manufacturers and energy suppliers to make sure we have the best resources to meet our customers’ demand for environmentally friendly solutions.”

Trucking Jobs at XPO Logistics

XPO Logistics is a trucking company that is based in Greenwich, Connecticut that serves all of the US markets. The carrier handles drayage, expedited freight, full truckload hauls, intermodal freight, less than truckload freight, and last-mile loads. As you can see, there are plenty of haul opportunities for truck drivers at XPO Logistics.

In terms of hiring areas for truck drivers in the US, XPO Logistics has hundreds of terminals and facilities throughout the nation. The greatest concentration of locations for XPO Logistics is in the Chicago, IL, area, as well as in California and the Mid-Atlantic Northeast around New York and Pennsylvania. If you live in these cities you are certain to find a trucking job at XPO Logistics today.

The company supports ocean, air, and rail freight, too, which means there are plenty of exported and imported ground freight to go around. Truck drivers interested in working at XPO Logistics can start by applying today. We help you get in the driver’s seat with the best trucking jobs on the internet. Find out what kind of XPO Logistics hauls and freight jobs are available near you. Then get moving with your trucking career by applying to a trucking job today.

Source: XPO Logistics – News

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