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Which Trucking Companies Offer the Best Home Time for OTR Truckers Which Trucking Companies Offer the Best Home Time for OTR Truckers
Which Trucking Companies Offer the Best Home Time for OTR Truckers
September 29th, 2017

In the search for trucking jobs, there is a certain amount of give and take. For instance, you might find the perfect trucking job, but it requires you to transfer to another part of the state or region. Or you may find a trucking company that offers top pay, but you have to negotiate in terms of home time. It’s all a matter of finding the right balance for your personal needs and lifestyle. Speaking of home time, that is one of the most requested amenities of OTR trucking jobs. Truckers want, and need, to know when they will be at home. To help you find the right trucking job for your situation, here are the trucking companies that offer the best home time.

UPS Freight Haulers

As a UPS Freight truckload hauler, you handle dry van OTR trucking jobs. These are the type of freight loads that go from port to distribution center for UPS regional facilities. Two main factors play into UPS Freight jobs—union work and dedicated routes. As UPS Freight truck drivers are part of a union, and they have dedicated trucking routes, these drivers will have set freight routes.

This applies to all UPS Freight drivers throughout the US, as they are under the protection of the union. With set routes, you automatically have regular home time that you can come to expect. Additionally, this home time will most likely occur at least once a week if not more often depending on your location.

Ashley Furniture Truck Drivers

Ashley Furniture hauls for truck drivers transport freight via PTP, which is point to point. When you get hired by Ashley Furniture, you become a company driver picking up no-touch freight. Your routes bring you home weekly ensuring you regular and frequent home time compared to most OTR trucking jobs. Truck drivers for this furniture company can find trucking jobs throughout the US, as Ashley Furniture has locations in California, Illinois, Michigan, North Carolina, Iowa, Massachusetts, and Pennsylvania.

Swift Transportation Truckers

As a Swift Transportation trucker, home time is a priority for this company. Swift believes in a balance between work and home. For starters, when you get hired by Swift, you can choose between Class A OTR trucking jobs or regional trucking jobs. This way you have control over how often you will be home. At the same time, Swift Transportation offers a variety of freight hauling opportunities to give you more control over your home time schedule.

For example, if you want the maximum home time, consider regional trucking jobs for dedicated routes or intermodal freight loads. This type of trucking job will bring you home at least once a week, if not nightly. You can also stay out longer if you want or need to make more money. Through heavy haul, flatbed, dry van, and refrigerated trucking jobs at Swift, you can expect to be out for 10 to 14 days at a time with a healthy home time break in between your loads.

J.B. Hunt Trucking Home Time

As an over-the-road driver for J.B. Hunt Transport, this trucking company promises you consistent home time. This gives you the ability to make more money as a trucker while knowing that you will be returning home regularly. However, if you want to be home more often, J.B. Hunt also hires local truckers and regional truck drivers. These positions bring you home nightly in the case of local truckers and weekly or bi-weekly for regional truck driving jobs. Intermodal positions at J.B. Hunt feature weekly home time thanks to no-touch drop and hook freight.

Finding the Best Home Time for You

The bottom line is that if you want more home time, you will want to search for trucking jobs that keep you close to home. This includes local and regional trucking jobs. If you want to make more money, plan on being away from home for long stretches of time. However, for most OTR truckers, the max time on the road is two to three weeks at a time. After that, trucking companies want to bring their drivers in for a much-deserved rest and to handle maintenance on the big rig and trailer.

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