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New Professional Driver Development Program at US Xpress
February 28th, 2019

The new Professional Driver Development program at US Xpress will increase the truck driving company’s capacity to hire the best truck drivers. After all, when you are able to train and learn how to operate a big rig through the same company that will also hire you for your first truck driving job—you have it made. Everything including the time it takes to train to be a trucker and how long it takes to get hired is streamlined. You end up getting behind the wheel of your first truck faster, which means you start making the big bucks as a trucker even sooner.

US Xpress Professional Driver Development

The US Xpress Professional Driver Development program allows truck drivers to train at the trucking company prior to employment. While the trucking company is based in Chattanooga, Tennessee, the Professional Driver Development program will be held in Tunnel Hill, Georgia. Here truck driving students in Georgia are able to receive access to one of the most state-of-the-art training programs in the Southeast.

Features of the revolutionary Professional Driver Development program include a hands-on learning lab. This is where students train using a driving simulator specifically for operating Class 8 tractors with trailers. The program also has a driving range where student drivers work on coupling, backing, and docking in a safe and spacious driving area. The training program implements a mix of e-learning videos along with all of the hands-on training with the simulator and in person. This helps students retain the most information the fastest, thanks to a variety of learning methods.

Truck Driver Simulator Training

One of the coolest aspects of the new truck driver training program is a truck driving simulator. US Xpress is taking advantage of the technology to drive a truck without actually getting behind the wheel. This uses the Virage Simulation truck driver simulator program that resembles one of those driving games your kids play at the local arcade. Except with this driver simulator, you learn hands-on skills that can help you excel in the CDL training you need to be a safe truck driver at US Xpress.

The driving simulator consistently evolves for each driver to provide them with training based on their skill level. This reduces the amount of time it takes to successfully train and feel confident when behind the wheel of a real big rig. Plus, this simulator helps the trucking company reduce overhead and costs on training student drivers. This means you can look forward to more money being spent on the area where you want to see it the most—in pay raises and better benefits as a truck driver at US Xpress.

Benefits of Choosing US Xpress Driver Training

By going to US Xpress as your provider of truck driver training, you are able to improve your career in a number of ways. For starters, this trucking company is one of the biggest in the nation. In fact, US Xpress is ranked No. 5 in asset truckload carriers in the country, according to annual revenue. When you drive for a top-ranked trucking company you stand to benefit in your ability to train and grow as a professional truck driver. You also benefit from top pay rates, truck driver benefits, and job perks for truck drivers.

Eric Fuller, US Xpress CEO, said the following about the new truck driver development program: U.S. Xpress’ Professional Driver Development program showcases the Company’s continued commitment to a better quality of life for drivers, and establishes us as an industry leader as we continue to transform how we manage our operations, technology, and safety procedures. Between our ‘Full Ride’ scholarship program, first-day medical benefits, and advanced truck technology, we are giving our greatest assets, our drivers, the tools to further grow and develop professionally.

According to a statement made by US Xpress Senior Vice President of Human Resources, Amanda Thompson said, We believe our Professional Driver Development program will ensure long term success for our drivers. The new program positions U.S. Xpress as an industry innovator and empowers drivers’ continued learning and development on and off the road.

Drive for US Xpress

As you continue on your search for trucking jobs, add US Xpress to your list. This trucking company does it all from hiring students to offering $7,000 in tuition reimbursement. That means US Xpress will pay you back all of your hard-earned money you spent on trucking school. Get your CDL and save your savings with US Xpress and the Professional Driver Development program.

US Xpress also offers the GI Bill Apprenticeship Program that helps military veterans start work as a truck driver faster. If you are a military truck driver this is a great opportunity to get the ball rolling on your first trucking job. The trucking company also offers the Advanced Rate of Pay Program for military veterans. This helps these truck drivers earn money while getting everything in line with a trucking career. Start here at Careers and Gear and begin earning the money you deserve with top paying trucking jobs from companies like US Xpress.

Source: US Xpress – Press Release

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