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All About Tennessee Trucking Company US Xpress
February 8th, 2019

Do you want to earn $70,000 a year as a truck driver? Are you interested in becoming a driver trainer and making over $110,000 a year? Those numbers go up, up, up thanks to the possibility of earning four pay raises in the first year of driving for the company. Which company are we talking about? US Xpress, a trucking company founded in 1985 and based in Chattanooga, Tennessee. Learn all about working for this top paying trucking company for OTR trucking jobs in Tennessee.

About US Xpress Truck Drivers

The US Xpress fleet of truck drivers includes OTR truck drivers, team truck drivers, dedicated truck drivers, and military veteran drivers. The company also hires student drivers who have recently graduated from trucking school. Specific trucking job types that are available at US Xpress include regional truck driving jobs, dedicated hauls, and OTR truckload hauls. If you do not have experience in these haul types, that’s ok. The company is hiring all levels of experience from rookies and student drivers to qualified drivers with extensive behind the wheel experience.

Lease to Purchase Program

At US Xpress, owner-operators and company drivers interested in becoming independent contractors have a good opportunity. US Xpress offers a lease to purchase program that comes with no down payment and no credit check. While you are part of the lease purchase program, you are going to be earning $1 to $2 per mile. The carrier also helps new drivers out by providing up to three weeks of deferred payments. This way you can pay those other unexpected expenses when starting out as an owner-operator.

For instance, you may need to pay for new tires, maintenance program fees, or tags for your new truck. By giving you this three-week deferment, you have the ability to start making money as an owner-operator. This gives you the chance to stay ahead as you begin earning the big bucks. US Xpress also avoids charging truck drivers a balloon payment. Instead, you have a walk-away lease that lets you pay monthly payments until you own your own truck, which is the ultimate goal here.

Getting Started at US Xpress

Once you find a trucking job by searching for US Xpress here at Careers in Gear, you will need to attend truck driver orientation. US Xpress offers paid orientation for all new hires. You will also have access to tuition reimbursement to the tune of $7,000. For student drivers fresh out of CDL training, this is a great opportunity for making up the money you invested in trucking school.

Truck Driver Requirements at US Xpress

Truck drivers for US Xpress need to meet certain requirements in terms of job eligibility. These include being at least 21 years old with a valid Class A CDL. And that’s it! Few other carriers have such an open policy for hiring new drivers. What this means is that it is super easy to get trucking jobs in Tennessee at US Xpress. The trucking company works with all types of individuals who are in any stage in their career. Whether you are just finishing trucking school or you are interested in becoming an independent contractor, you can get hired on at US Xpress.

Pay at US Xpress

The biggest question that all truck drivers have about new trucking jobs is how much they will earn on their paycheck. At US Xpress, truck drivers with experience start off strong with a $10,000 sign-on bonus. For safe truck drivers, US Xpress adds a 5 cent pay increase. Then once you start driving your truck for US Xpress, you will be making $80,000 or more annually. Driver mentors at the carrier add $20,000-plus to this amount. Imagine making $100,000 as a solo OTR truck driver.

Team truck drivers earn even more than this. According to US Xpress, team truck drivers earn $500,000 in four years per driver. That breaks down to $125,000 a year per driver. In addition, you receive bonuses for things like mileage and staying over the road for over 45 days.

US Xpress pays its dedicated truck drivers $75,000 annually. In addition, truckers get daily or weekly driver home time. If you are an owner-operator, you can earn $1,000 in a sign-on bonus right now when you sign on to haul for the carrier. Note that owner-operators need to have at least six months of verifiable OTR truck driving experience. This includes those drivers interested in the lease to purchase program. Owner-operators and lease drivers at US Xpress are making $175,000 or more a year.

College Tuition for Families

Along with all of the bonuses and pay rates for truck drivers at US Xpress, the company also has one of the most forward-focused college tuition programs. Here truck drivers are able to receive scholarship funds to pay for their children or spouse to go to college. This program is not for trucking school; it is for two and four-year colleges and universities. Talk about a huge savings opportunity for truck drivers.

Finding Trucking Jobs at US Xpress

If you are ready to start a trucking job at US Xpress today, let’s begin with a trucking job search here at Careers in Gear. Discover where US Xpress is hiring for driving jobs near you. Then apply for trucking jobs and start making the big bucks.

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