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Team Truck Driving Jobs with Tyson Foods
October 11th, 2018

How many times have you bought chicken at the grocery store and wondered what fleet of drivers was hauling for Tyson Foods? If you are a typical trucker, then this thought has crossed your mind more than once. After all, Tyson Foods is one of the biggest name brands here in the US. However, most people are unaware Tyson has its own fleet of truckers. Check out what being a truck driver for Tyson Foods is all about and how you can find a trucking job for this company.

Trucking Jobs at Tyson Foods

A bit of background, Tyson Foods was founded in 1935, and today is one of the biggest producers of chicken, pork, and beef on the planet. The headquarters for the company is in the Ozarks region of Northwest Arkansas. For truck drivers interested in getting a driving job at Tyson Foods, there is plenty of opportunities. You can get company solo driving jobs or team driving jobs for reefer haulers. Tyson Foods also hires regional drivers to transport refrigerated and frozen freight loads to and from distribution centers.

Pay Scale for Truck Drivers

As a truck driver for Tyson Foods, solo company drivers start out at 43 to 51 cents per mile. For regional drivers, the pay varies according to your location. For general regional drivers at Tyson Foods, the pay rate range is 48 to 52 cents per mile. Regional truck drivers in New Holland, Pennsylvania earn between 50 and 53 cents per mile as this is an in-demand freight area. Team drivers at Tyson Foods earn 46 to 54 cents per mile per driver with an average weekly run of 5,500 miles. A quick calculation shows that team drivers here are earning about $2,900 gross if they are earning 54 CPM.

Benefits and Bonuses

Tyson Foods takes pride in providing top quality delivery for their products. After all, they are hiring for themselves. Therefore, the company puts a premium on rewarding drivers for safe, timely deliveries. For safe driving, Tyson Foods truckers can earn an extra 1 cent per mile per quarter. The safety bonus is given to drivers who have no violations on roadside inspections, accidents, or incidents. In addition, drivers must have driven at least 24,000 that quarter.

When you are handling freight, Tyson Foods offers layover pay of $100 for drivers who are not reloaded within 200 miles or within 18 hours. You can also earn money for loading/unloading, as well as for multiple drops or pickups within a single trip. Another way that Tyson Foods helps its truck drivers is by offering holiday pay. You earn $130 for paid holidays for a total of nine days off each year.

These paid holidays are in addition to the paid weeks of vacation. Tyson Foods drivers get one week of paid time off after one year of service. After three years, this vacation pay increases to two weeks of paid time off. By the 10th year of driving at Tyson Foods, you get a full four weeks of paid vacation. Very few companies nationwide in any industry are offering employees a month off of each year.

Student Drivers at Tyson Foods

If you are new to trucking and want to get trained right, consider the Tyson Foods training program. Keep in mind you do need to have a CDL to apply for a trucking job and the training program. So this is not CDL training. Instead, Tyson Foods provides tuition reimbursement and driver mentors for student hired fresh out of trucking school. You can get paid back for the money you spent on truck driver training. Plus, Tyson Foods will pay you $600 a week throughout your training period, while also providing you with a paid trucking job once you complete the training.

The training length varies. For drivers who have one to three months of behind the wheel experience, the Tyson Foods training program lasts for at least eight weeks. Drivers who have between four and six months of work history as a trucker will need to go through at least four weeks of training. More experienced drivers who have seven months or more of experience over the road will need to complete a minimum of two weeks of training. This training provides you with Tyson Foods-specific job skills that will ensure you are ready for a trucking job with this company.

Finding Great Paying Trucking Companies Near You

Tyson Foods is just one example of the great paying trucking companies in the US that want to hire you. It’s all a matter of finding those companies before the other truck drivers do, so you can apply for the trucking jobs first. Want a tip for finding trucking jobs as fast as possible? Careers in Gear is a free truck driving job search site that lets you find trucking jobs; research trucking companies; and keep up with the latest truck driving news.

Start your trucking job search right now by looking for trucking companies near you. Once you find a company that perks your interest, click for more information about their driver qualifications. Everything you need to know to consider a company for your future employer is all right here at Careers in Gear!

Source: Tyson Foods – Info

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