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Security Truck Park Offers Trucker Parking in Phoenix, Arizona
July 31st, 2018

If you are a truck driver in Arizona or frequently crossing through this Southwestern state, take a look at the Security Truck Park. This is a truck parking facility located in Phoenix that accommodates truck drivers of all types of hauls. Whether you are pulling a flatbed trailer or refrigerated load, you can securely park your rig here. The parking area attendants provide a safe and clean place for drivers to park, relax, and unwind. Check out the facilities and fine print about the Security Truck Park in Arizona.

Truck Driver Parking in Phoenix

The Security Truck Park is a truck parking facility located in Phoenix, Arizona that was founded in 1986. The truck parking area is open 24/7 and attended. This parking area is available for any type of vehicle including commercial trucks, RVs, and other larger vehicles. However, reviews of the truck parking facility indicate that the parking attendants do a good job of maintaining overflow. Rather than overbooking their lot they manage to prevent the lot from becoming too full. This saves those truckers who are caught at 10 pm looking for a place to park in Phoenix for the night.

One thing to note, this truck park does not have a fuel pump or convenience store. It is a barebone, albeit cleanly kept and professional, drop yard for truckers. There are restroom facilities, as well as an air-conditioned truckers’ lounge equipped with a fridge and a microwave. You do also get wireless internet service here. As for the truck parking lot, it is a dirt parking lot with a paved driveway, but there are 24/7 security guards and attendants who maintain the facilities.

Trucking companies use the trucker parking lot on a regular basis. However, it is also a very popular lot for independent contractors and owner-operators who live locally. They are able to drop their trailer before bobtailing on home or leave their truck securely. As such, you can drop your tractor, trailer, or even your personal vehicle off here.

Make a Parking Reservation

This place is ideal to depend on if you need truck parking in Phoenix fast, such as on an unexpected shutdown, freight delivery delay, or due to an illness. But if you are going to be taking freight through Phoenix, Arizona and will be dropping a trailer or needing a place to park for the night, consider getting a reservation in advance and give yourself some peace of mind. Security Truck Park offers reservations by filling out a form that needs to be emailed, faxed, or mailed.

Obviously for most OTR truck drivers, emailing will be the way to go. However, if you live or will be staying temporarily in Phoenix, then you can also plan ahead by sending your reservation form in by fax or mail. Payment methods accepted are cash, major credit cards, T-Chek, Amex, Comchek, EFS, and TCH. In addition, you are able to pay for parking daily, monthly, and yearly.

Cross-docking and Short-term Shortage

Another consideration is if you need a place to park your refrigerated freight for a short period of time. When dealing with cold storage over the road, you have two options. You can either keep your trailer’s cooling unit running on a timely basis to maintain the temperature for your freight. Or you could use the short-term cold storage available at Security Truck Park. The truck park offers cold storage via Penguin Cold Storage right next door to their facility. They also have non-temperature regulated storage.

Location of Security Truck Park

The parking lot is in a good location, positioned conveniently with access to I-10, I-17 S to El Paso or going west toward Tolleson. It’s also right across the street from the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office just in case you find yourself at this location. It is only a few minutes away from the nearest airport, as well as shopping and restaurants. You also have a truck stop only one mile down the road at the Circle K Truck Stop. The truck parking attendants can arrange for you to have a free shuttle to a local hotel or truck shop for repairs or parts.

Benefits of Truck Parking Lots

Right now in the wake of the ELD mandate and high demand for freight shipping, truckers need more places to park. The Security Truck Park offers exactly that without the heavy traffic associated with truck stops that have fuel pumps. In addition, this Phoenix truck parking lot shows that with 24/7 security and attendants, the plan of running a paid parking area for truckers can be done. Hopefully, we will see more truck parking areas become available to counter the decline of rest areas and overflowing truck stop parking lots.

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Source: Security Truck Park – Services

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