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Ruan Pays Three Weeks’ Salary for Drivers at Former Trucking Company in Iowa Ruan Pays Three Weeks’ Salary for Drivers at Former Trucking Company in Iowa
Ruan Pays Three Weeks’ Salary for Drivers at Former Trucking Company in Iowa
July 31st, 2019

What happens when you are driving for a trucking company and they suddenly go bust? You are left without a job for starters. We do have the No. 1 solution for finding truck driver jobs online here at Careers in Gear. However, we also have another option for Midwestern truckers at the former LME Trucking. Another trucking company that you’ve heard a lot about in the trucking news, Ruan, is hiring those laid off truck drivers. Check out more on how to get hired by Ruan if you are one of those truck drivers and the Ruan salary you can make today.

Trucking Company Shuts Doors

Recently there was a layover at a trucking company in Des Moines, Iowa at LME Trucking. Serving customers in the Upper Midwest lanes, LME Trucking was headquartered in New Brighton, Minnesota. The company was previously known as Lakeville Motor Express and was under the same ownership but closed in 2016. The current truck drivers at LME, as well as other employees on the payroll, did not get paid upon the closure. The company has stated that it will provide payment to these drivers, but it’ll take about three months. Three months is a long time to wait for a paycheck. These truck drivers need to find a trucking job fast.

Ruan was a trucking company that answered the call to hire these truck drivers and keep them rolling in the industry. Dan Van Alstine, President and COO at Ruan, said, “Ruan has been in this industry for more than 87 years, and we are on track to have one of our best years yet. We are a family made up of professional drivers and will provide support to those who have supported our industry. Upon hearing of the closure of LME, we created a way to help its former employees who join the Ruan team. We have several open positions in the areas in which these professional drivers previously served, and Ruan is offering three weeks’ pay owed to these professional drivers by LME to help them transition their careers.”

Offer for LME Truck Drivers

For those LME truck drivers that lost their trucking job, Ruan is providing them with three weeks of pay. This amount is “about $3,700 per individual [that] would be paid immediately upon their first paycheck with us,” according to Alstine in a news report with KCCI Des Moines. Getting that kind of money is fantastic and means these drivers won’t risk getting behind on their bills and payments.

More importantly, this opportunity also gives Iowa truck drivers a place to continue driving a big rig. They will not have to search for a trucking job or spend time looking at their options. While that is a great luxury to have, these truckers might otherwise be going without money and maybe even food to eat. Kudos for Ruan for stepping up and supporting the local truck driving community in this time of need.

Ruan Salary for Truck Drivers

If you are interested in making a salary at Ruan trucking, start by reviewing the many company driver benefits you get. Truck driver salaries at Ruan Transportation vary according to driver type. For a Class A truck driver, you can expect anywhere from $49,000 to $90,000. This depends on whether you are a team driver or company solo driver.

Also, local truck driving jobs at Ruan report a salary range of $41,000 to $67,000 per year. As for hourly truck drivers on the time clock, these drivers are reporting an average range of $17 to $21 per hour. Local truck driver pay by the month at Ruan ranges from $3,000 to $6,000.

A key factor in considering salary at Ruan is the variation of haul types, lanes, and driver statuses. A team driver running hazmat hauls will make more money than a dry van local driver, for example.

Driving a Truck at Ruan

If you are a hazmat and tank truck driver ready to put your endorsements to work, check out the trucking jobs at Ruan. The company hires hazmat and tank endorsed truck drivers for nationwide freight hauling. However, you can also find easy trucking jobs like regional dry van hauling jobs, as well as more strenuous flatbed regional trucking jobs. Ruan also hires:

  • Curtainside regional truck drivers
  • Curtainside truck drivers home daily
  • Dry van regional truck drivers
  • Dry van truck drivers home daily
  • Flatbed regional truck drivers
  • Food grade tank local truck drivers home daily
  • Part time truck drivers
  • Refrigerated truck drivers home daily
  • Straight truck drivers
  • Team truck drivers

Some of the shipping customers that operate via the Ruan fleet that you would be hauling for include:

  • Amalgamated Sugar
  • Bobcat
  • Dean Foods
  • Flowers
  • Klockner
  • Medline
  • Menards
  • Publix
  • Safelite
  • Target

When you haul freight for Ruan, you become a part of a fleet of 5,200 drivers and more than 3,950 power units and 7,500 trailers. Trucking jobs at Ruan are available all over the country, too, in every state. Start your search for Ruan truck driving jobs near you at Careers in Gear today. Let us show you how much more money you can make when you drive for Ruan shipping customers. Whether you are a dry van, flatbed, refrigerated, team, or straight truck driver, you can get a trucking job at Ruan. See the truck driving salary that makes the most sense to you with the top paying trucking jobs near you.

Source: Ruan – Blog

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