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Roehl Transport Offers Two Truck Driver Pay Programs
April 30th, 2019

What is the first thing you look for when searching for a new truck driving job near you? If you said salary and pay you aren’t alone. The primary reason most drivers are searching for new jobs is to earn more money. Fortunately, the trucking industry is booming and there is plenty of freight hauling dough to go around. To get into the action as a freight hauler for Roehl Transport, start here with learning more about the carrier’s two new truck driver pay options.

Two New Pay Plans for Truckers

The truck drivers at Roehl Transport recently received an excellent opportunity. Instead of getting paid on a standard schedule, Roehl truckers get to choose which way they make a living. The Wisconsin trucking company based in Marshfield is the #65 of the CCJ Top 250. When driving for Roehl, you opt for whether to earn a paycheck according to your mileage or your performance. By giving you the option, you take control of how much money you earn.

According to the vice president of driver employment for Roehl Transport, Tim Norlin, “At Roehl, we are constantly listening to driver feedback to make sure we’re responding and showing them how valued they are. That’s why we have pay options so drivers can earn up to their potential.” Check out more information about how these two pay programs for truck drivers work so you can figure out which works best for your paycheck.

Premium Mileage Pay Plan

The Premium Mileage Pay Plan allows drivers to get a quarterly raise when they meet and exceed performance and productivity goals. Drivers are able to increase their base pay amount by meeting expectations in these areas:

  • On time deliveries
  • Fuel efficiency
  • No insurance claims on cargo
  • Safe driver operations

This is in addition to other areas with service points getting tallied up each quarter. The program features five levels via the Premium Mileage Pay Plan. As you exceed your own expectations you are able to move up the performance pay plan.

Norlin explains how the new program pays drivers more according to how well they perform. “When performance improves, pay improves. If you achieve a higher pay level one quarter and then have a down quarter due to illness or other unexpected circumstance, your pay does not go down for that quarter.

However, if you have a second down quarter your pay could go down. So for drivers considering this plan, we say ask yourself ‘How comfortable am I with how I perform?’ If you’re pretty certain of your consistently high performance, this is a great way to move that pay higher quickly.”

Performance Bonus Pay Plan

The other way that truck drivers at Roehl are paid is with the Performance Bonus Pay Plan. This plan allows truckers to make more money on a regular basis. You are able to stabilize your salary rather than aiming for quarterly bonuses based on performance. Norlin explains how the Performance Bonus Pay Plan works.

“With this option, drivers earn a flat cents-per-mile with a tenure-based raise however they are also eligible for performance-based bonuses using the same scoring as the Premium Mileage Pay Plan. There’s no risk of pay going down with this plan.” By giving you the option of how you can get paid, Roehl Transport is raising the bar on truck driver jobs.

Truck Driving Jobs at Roehl Transport

Truck drivers hired to work at Roehl Transport run in a number of different lanes and haul types. The company has a fleet of approximately 1,860 company drivers and 220 independent contractors who are owner-operators operating under the Roehl brand. You can find trucking jobs at Roehl in the following divisions:

  • Nationwide trucking jobs
  • Regional hauls
  • Dedicated driving routes

Paid CDL truck driver training is also available at Roehl Transport if you are a student driver getting your CDL now. Military drivers and women truck drivers, as well as owner-operators are hired by this carrier. To find trucking jobs near you at Roehl, check out Careers in Gear. We have all of the top paying trucking jobs in Wis and other Midwestern trucking companies looking to hire drivers like you. Start your free trucking job search today to see what kind of positions are available for you now.

Source: Roehl Transport – Blog

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