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Roehl Transport Offers Paid CDL Training
October 7th, 2019

Recently, Roehl Transport released a video about being able to get paid to get your CDL. If you want to earn your CDL without having to pay for it, now is the time. Check out what you can get for free at Roehl to help you make the most of your trucking career. Then see what we can also give you—for free—here at Careers in Gear to get your trucking job up and going. Succeed in the trucking industry with all of the trucking job resources right here at your fingertips. Find out more about the new Roehl video from CDL grads to get started.

About the New for 2019 Video by Roehl

Roehl is a trucking company that helps student drivers and drivers in training become paid and professional Class A truck drivers. This type of opportunity is top of the line. You get all of the training you need without having to go through paying for the training as you would in college. You are teamed up with other student drivers, certified driver trainers, and fleet managers.

These people become your support system as you navigate the ropes at Roehl. Check out the new video released by Roehl to see more about what the actual truck drivers, fleet managers, and more have to say. And then when you are accepted into the trucking school at Roehl, see if you remember any of these people from the video. You’ll already have “met” someone in your new truck driving family.

Roehl Transport Paid CDL Training

At Roehl Transport, you can get paid CDL training with the trucking company. That means you are trained with Roehl truck drivers using Roehl equipment and techniques. The company will also pay you while doing it. That’s right, you are going to earn a paycheck as a truck driver while still in trucking school. You can hardly do that in any of those collegiate programs—all of those internships cost students. Here at Roehl, you are charged nothing for your training as a Class A CDL truck driver.

Better yet, when you graduate from trucking school you are in a position to work as a trucker. As you are getting trained at Roehl, the trucking company will expect you to work for them when you graduate. This is great news because it means you’ve already got a job as a trucker when you first start out as a new driver. Get rolling and making the big bucks with one of the top paying trucking companies in the industry.

Free CDL Practice Exams

You are going to want to pass your CDL exam for the written test before you apply, though. That is a requirement to get into the trucking schools at Roehl. To do this, check out Roehl’s free practice exams for CDL test takers. You can practice each of the different sections of the CDL test. This way you can explore each section of information as you prepare for the CDL exam in your state.

Once you pass the written test for the CDL, which is the first portion of the exam, you are ready to start trucking school. The truck driving school will train you with those behind the wheel skills you need from a driver trainer. That’s another one of the great things about driving a truck for Roehl Transport as a student driver. You are partnered with Roehl mentors and driver trainers who are certified and highly trained to train you. In fact, you are also prepared to become a driver trainer so that you have a chance to return the benefits you received to new drivers coming up behind you.

How to Find a Free Trucking Job

If you are interested in being more than just a company driver, check out Roehl Transport trucking jobs. The trucking company hires all types of drivers from no experience to tons of qualified driving experience. Here at Careers in Gear, we help you get those Roehl trucking jobs faster. Check out our free application and job search. See if we can find a trucking company ready to hire you today!

Source: Roehl Transport – News

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