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Roadstar Truck Driver Wins 2020 Kenworth T680 at Landstar
August 14th, 2019

One lucky truck driver in Alabama got to go home with a brand new tractor from Kenworth the other day. The trucker works as an owner-operator contracted to haul for Landstar. Landstar gives away a new truck to one of its owner-operators every year. To date, 40 trucks have been given away in the 30 years the company has been in business. The company even pays for the driver’s registration fees and taxes. Talk about a great time to be a trucker. Discover more about the new Kenworth and how well the winning truck driver at Landstar made out.

All-Star Truck is a Winner

The winning truck driver is now rolling down the highway in a 2020 Kenworth T680 fresh out of the factory. The tractor features a PACCAR MX-13 engine that is also known as the Million Mile Engine. In fact, PACCAR reports that this powertrain and its B10 design offers a life expectancy of up to one million miles—for up to 90 percent of the engines produced in this line.

The 2020 Kenworth also comes equipped with a matching brand PACCAR 12-speed automated transmission and PACCAR 6 x 4 drive axles. This truck is billed by Kenworth as “the most advanced and aerodynamic truck ever produced” the company has ever produced.

In terms of fuel efficiency, the truck has a no-idle air conditioning system for the sleeper, as well as the option to upgrade for a fuel-fired heater and/or an auto start/stop setup. The K680 features several automated functions including:

  • Predictive cruise control
  • Driver performance assistant
  • Predictive neutral coast
  • Tire pressure monitoring
  • Engine idle shutdown

The truck reports a 7.2 mpg making it a superior option for drivers hoping to save money at the diesel pump.

Meet the Winning Truck Driver

The OTR truck driver who was lucky enough to slip behind the wheel of this big rig is Cecilia Logan. Logan is a truck driver from Hartford, Alabama. Her name was fulled from a drawing that included more than 1,000 active truck drivers working at Landstar.

To be eligible to be in this drawing, drivers must have been working as owner-operators contracted with the company. These owner-operators are contracted under lease agreements to haul freight exclusively for Landstar. In addition, these drivers are in the Million Mile Safe Driver club at the company.

Only eight truck driver names were pulled at random at the contest drawing. Of these recipients, Logan came away with the keys. She works as a team truck driver with her husband, Jaimie. Logan earned her place in the Million Mile Safe Driver club in 2015.

About the Landstar Kenworth Giveaway

The truck giveaway was hosted by Landstar and Comdata. Comdata representatives were the ones who selected the names at random from the pool of truck drivers.

Jim Gattoni, president and CEO of Landstar, said, “We are proud of the safety-first owner-operators who are leased to Landstar, especially those who have reached the Million Mile Safe Driver and Roadstar milestones.”

Gattoni continued to say, “Landstar is pleased to continue the annual tradition of giving away a new truck at our BCO All-Star Celebration. We appreciate the contributing support of our sponsor companies, like Comdata, in helping us reward an independent owner-operator’s service excellence with a chance to win such a life-changing prize.”

Randy Morgan, the chief operations officer for Comdata, added, “It is an honor to support the best and finest owner-operators at Landstar. We love the relationship that allows us to be part of this great event.”

Becoming a Truck Driver at Landstar

To drive a truck for Landstar, you will need to be an owner-operator interested in hauling solely for a single carrier. As you can see, you have the ability to truly improve your standings as a business owner. A new Kenworth is exceeding $140,000 baseline without any taxes or fees. Again, the company even pays for those for the annual winner. If you are ready to join the team at Landstar, here’s how to go about it.

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Source: Landstar – News

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