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Main Priorities for Infrastructure Projects Revealed by Trump Administration Main Priorities for Infrastructure Projects Revealed by Trump Administration
Main Priorities for Infrastructure Projects Revealed by Trump Administration
May 4th, 2017

As the world wonders what the Trump administration will do next, at the top of the list of concerns is infrastructure. The trucking industry has the most at stake when it comes to repairing infrastructure, which includes everything from highways and bridges to airports and waterworks. America’s infrastructure covers a lot of ground, literally. However, when it comes to fixing all of America’s highways and byways, that isn’t exactly what the new President has in mind. Here is a breakdown of the exact infrastructure projects that are being pitched to the Presidential advisory team. We’ve also went in the direction in trucking to show you what a wish list for infrastructure would be if the President polled truck drivers across the US.

Billions and Trillions Invested in Infrastructure

The Trump administration asked the state and local legislators to submit their infrastructure requests. Among the submissions the President’s team has chosen 50 top priority projects at a combined cost of $137.5 billion in initial investments. Considering the President has told media that he will spend a trillion dollars on infrastructure, this is a starting point. Does this include the 13 percent decrease to the Department of Transportation’s spending that was part of the President’s budget proposal? This is interesting as cutting spending with the DOT could have detrimental effects in reducing the functionality and ongoing repairs and maintenance of existing infrastructure. Hopefully the budget cuts were focused on draining the swamp rather than taking from one infrastructure spending account to pay for another infrastructure project.

Top 50 Projects for Infrastructure Spending

The list of projects is still a preliminary list, meaning that some projects won’t make it to the final drawing board. However, this is the second of such lists that has been released, one prior to the Presidential election and now this list via the Trump transition team give to the National Governor’s Association. So without further ado, here is the list of 50 projects at the forefront of the Trump administration’s picks for infrastructure spending.

  • Gateway Program for Northeast Corridor rail infrastructure to connect NYC and Newark
  • The Brent Spence Bridge via the Ohio and Kentucky DOT
  • National Research Lab for Infrastructure in Columbus, Ohio
  • Locks and Dams 52 and 53 on Ohio River
  • I-95 Highway repairs in North Carolina
  • 15 Bridges along I—95 in Philadelphia
  • Mississippi River Shipping Channel Dredging project in Louisiana
  • NextGen Air Traffic Control System for the FAA to improve air traffic capabilities
  • Plains and Eastern Electric Transmission Lines across the mid-southern states from Oklahoma to Tennessee
  • Project Clean Lake in Cleveland Ohio
  • South Carolina Dams Accelerated Repairs
  • Hydroelectric Plants across the US to be upgraded
  • Texas Central Railway
  • Cotton Belt Line Rail project in Dallas Fort Worth area
  • Cadiz Water Conveyance project in California
  • TransWest Express Transmission project to provide renewable energy to California, Arizona and Nevada
  • Chokecherry and Sierra Madre Wind Energy project in Wyoming
  • Second Avenue Subway in New York City
  • Savannah Harbor Expansion project in Georgia
  • Atlantic Coast Pipeline to provide natural gas in Virginia and North Carolina
  • Champlain Hudson Power Express project in New York metro area
  • DC Union Station renovation project that would serve as a model for terminals in New York City, Los Angeles and Chicago
  • Maryland Purple Line rail project
  • M-1 Rail project in Detroit
  • Gordie Howe International Bridge in Michigan
  • Kansas City Airport to build a new terminal
  • The Peace Bridge connecting Canada and the US via foot and bicycle traffic access
  • MBTA Green Line Extension in Boston
  • Augustin Plains Ranch water storage project in New Mexico
  • I-93 Rebuild in New Hampshire
  • Lake Pontchartrain Bridge/Causeway in New Orleans
  • Port Newark Container Terminal improvements in New York and New Jersey
  • Howard Street Tunnel for Port of Baltimore rail service
  • Red and Purple Line modernization project in Chicago
  • I-395/I-95 reconstruction in Miami-Dade
  • Chicago Union Station redevelopment project for Amtrak services
  • Upper Mississippi Locks repairs and rehab
  • Illinois River Locks rehab
  • Colorado I-70 Mountain Corridor upgrade to include an express lane
  • Colorado I-25 improvements
  • IHMC Lock Replacement in New Orleans
  • Chickamauga Lock repairs in Tennessee
  • Soo Locks Reconstruction project in the Great Lakes area
  • Huntington Beach Desalination Plant project in California
  • Upper Ohio Navigation Improvements to locks and dams along the Ohio River
  • Monongahela River Locks and Dams project in Pittsburgh
  • Seattle Airport Expansion project
  • Arlington Memorial Bridge total replacement
  • Energy Storage and Grid modernization project in California
  • St. Louis Airport development project

As you can see, the infrastructure spending runs the gamut from highways to bridges to a lot of locks in need of repair. Another key point to make is that the President only called for infrastructure spending on repairing currently existing facilities. Therefore, projects like the Kansas City Airport that wants to build a new terminal should not technically qualify for this spending budget. This has been addressed by other legislative groups, and it should, because the goal of this initial project is to repair what’s already there. To spend this money on projects that have not been prove to be effective would be taking away from needed repairs and replacements.

Truck Driver Infrastructure Wish List

As a truck driver, it would make better sense to repair and replace highways that cause the most bottlenecks. This after all is the primary cause of delayed deliveries and overstressed truck drivers across the nation. Atlanta, Chicago, Los Angeles…those cities need to have new infrastructure to combat the consistent problem of traffic jams and continual construction projects. Unfortunately this isn’t the direction the President is taking, but it certainly should be. Other trucker friendly infrastructure projects would be to expand truck driver parking services, rest area facilities, and facilities off of exits on highways.

What projects would you hope to see in the President’s infrastructure spending plan?

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