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Paschall Truck Lines New Perks Are Game Changers
July 18th, 2018

What You Need to Know:

    1. Paschall is upping driver base pay across the board.
    2. Premier Fleet drivers earn more money after their first year.
    3. All tenured drivers earn yearly grants of company stock.

These days, It’s hard to find a trucking job that treats you right. Thirty years ago, truck drivers were kings of the road. Today, drivers can feel less like people and more like blips on maps. A growing number of Class A CDL professionals agree that respect is the single most important part of the job, and some admit they would accept less pay if it meant better treatment. But what if you could have both?

Good thing Paschall Truck Lines, Inc. (PTL) doesn’t make you choose between money and respect. Effective immediately, they’re upping their drivers’ cents per mile (CPM) across the board and offering more opportunities for raises, company ownership, longer hauls, less drop and hook, and the freedom to let pets and loved ones tag along. And It’s changing the way drivers think about respect in the trucking industry.

New, Better Mileage Pay

On June 29th, Paschall Truck Lines Inc. announced a new pay raise for drivers. The pay increase, effective immediately, allows drivers to earn up to 45 CPM base pay with a chance to increase their earnings even more through safety and service bonuses.

“As an employee-owned company, PTL has the unique ability to really understand what our drivers need when it comes to pay,” said Paul Rasmussen, Vice President of Capacity Development in a recent press release. “Our new company driver pay program puts more money in our drivers’ pockets and rewards those professionals who work hard to drive safely and efficiently. We are committed to seeing that our professional drivers have the opportunity to earn industry-leading compensation.”

PTL’s new pay rate marks the company’s second major pay increase in less than a year, raising company drivers’ base pay to a full five cents higher than the 40 CPM industry average. But that’s not all: not only are PTL drivers some of the biggest earners on the road, the company also allows them to earn additional pay through tenure and bonuses. The Premier Fleet and company stock programs, in particular, allow drivers to take ownership of their work.

Premier Fleet Drivers Earn Even More Money

The longer drivers work for PTL, the more money they earn. Paschall’s Premier Fleet, a program that consists of the company’s safest and most efficient drivers, pays more to drivers who have seniority with the company. The program also recognizes top drivers with frequent shirt and hat giveaways. Drivers who qualify for the Premier Fleet program can join immediately after their first year of service; they can earn Premier+ status after three years.

To qualify, a driver must have no more than $1,000 in cumulative accident damages, no moving violations (including speeding, failure to obey traffic signals, and failure to wear a seatbelt), and no more than 3 chargeable service failures in the past year, as well as a minimum of 24,000 paid miles in the most recent quarter prior to evaluation.

Paschall has also begun granting automatic earned pay raises for OTR drivers. For every 60,000 miles they haul, PTL drivers get automatic pay increases. That, compounded with the new base pay rate and the Premier Fleet program, comes out to some of the best pay around.

Further, PTL drivers move longer hauls with more drop and hook pick ups. They also receive medical, dental, and vision coverage, a 401k plan, a pet and rider program, a dedicated driver support team, and a late-model tractor fleet, equipped with the latest safety technologies sets PTL apart from almost everyone else.

Paschall’s Stock Program Puts Stock in You

But that’s not all. Drivers who join PTL can own a piece of the company with every mile they drive, securing financial stability for themselves and their families. Because Paschall is an employee-owned company, all tenured drivers automatically earn annual grants of company stock. The longer drivers haul for the company, the more stock they earn, giving them a unique opportunity to grow their retirement nest eggs while taking ownership of their work.

It’s all about respect–a kind of attitude the trucking industry has sorely lacked these last few decades. At PTL, those days never ended. If anything, things have gotten better.

About Paschall Truck Lines, Inc.

Originally a family-owned business founded in Kentucky in 1937, Paschall Truck Lines, Inc., has a long, successful history in trucking with annual revenues now in excess of $250 million and terminals in cities across the South and Midwest. In 2013, the company became 100% employee-owned, and as an employee-owned company, PTL’s vibrant and diverse owner workforce drives them to exceed their customer’s expectations.

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Source: PTL – Press

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