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It’s Official and Knight-Swift is the Largest Trucking Company in the US
September 22nd, 2017

Earlier this year, news was released that Knight Transportation and Swift Transportation would be joining forces. The new company name would fittingly be Knight-Swift, while Swift-Knight would have sounded pretty catchy. What can we expect now that these two truckload trucking carriers have become one? What will present drivers for Knight and Swift have to do now regarding their trucking jobs? Let’s look at the details and see what this means for truck driving jobs.

Knight-Swift by the Numbers

In addition to Knight and Swift, this company includes Barr-Nunn subsidiaries, making it a trucking company trio. The company will still be headquartered in Phoenix, Arizona, as this is the city where Swift and Knight were already based. As Knight-Swift hit the road running, the company is fulfilling trucking hauls with a fleet of:

  • 23,000 tractors
  • 77,000 trailers
  • 70-plus trucking terminals
  • A combined value for the company at $6 billion with $5 billion in total annual revenue alone

Additionally, Knight-Swift is set to hire up to 20,000 more truck drivers to the fleet by 2018. So, if you are interested in being hired by the biggest truckload carrier in the nation, now is prime time to put your application in. Knight-Swift expects to increase its customer base, while also hiring truck driving associates and non-driving team members.

How will this work for present Swift and Knight truck drivers? According to Kevin Knight, Executive Chairman of Knight-Swift, “Driving associates and independent contractors will continue to operate their existing Swift or Knight branded equipment, with their existing locations, fleet managers, and other contacts.”

Same goes for customers, which include Walmart. Knight notes, “Customers will continue to receive outstanding service under their existing Swift or Knight customer relationships.” Also, the two companies will remain distinct in their branding. This means we won’t see a company truck with Knight-Swift on it soon, unless corporate changes their tune.

Joining Forces in Trucking

Of the completed merger, Mr. Knight said, “We are excited for the opportunities ahead for both companies. The Knight and Swift teams are learning from each other to jointly build the most efficient and reliable truckload company in the industry. The cost savings opportunities are at least as great as expected. The synergy teams are energized to move from planning to implementation. We appreciate the efforts of all of our team members to get us to this point and look forward to a bright future.”

Knight and Swift stated when the acquisition was first made public that the merger would help both companies overcome a declining demand in shipping. This would also allow the two companies to better deal with pricing concerns as the shipping industry moves heavily toward e-commerce hauling.

Richard Dozer, Chairman at Swift Transportation, said in April 2017, “By coming together under common ownership, the companies will be able to capitalize on economies of scale to achieve substantial synergies.” Combining trucking technologies and logistics approaches will also help Knight-Swift stay ahead of the competition.

Getting a Trucking Job at Knight-Swift

Currently, if you are interested in driving for Knight-Swift, you’ll have to start your job search at each company individually. Knight Transportation hires truck drivers for dry van, refrigerated, and port/rail trucking jobs. Knight has 30 truck service centers for you to use as a terminal in close proximity to your home base. You can get hired as a company driver or independent contractor at Knight Transportation.

Swift Transportation hires individuals who are new to trucking, seasoned drivers, veterans, trucking teams, and CDL graduates. If you don’t have a CDL and want to be a trucker, Swift provides truck driver training and CDL school at the Swift Academy. You can learn the skills you need to get your CDL in less than a month at this trucking school.

As noted, each of the companies will retain their individual branding images, fleets, and driving teams. In the future, Knight and Swift may possibly join trucking fleets together, but right now it looks like this merger is more about stock options and finances. For truck drivers interested in trucking jobs or those currently hauling for Swift or Knight, there isn’t any changeover in what to expect with these two trucking carriers. So, for now, you will need to choose—Team Knight or Team Swift.

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