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Check Out Mack Trucks Free Online Films About Truck Drivers
July 16th, 2018

Truckers, it’s time to add some new trucking TV to your afternoon entertainment. Mack Trucks wants you to meet Hector Garcia in ‘The City Never Sleeps.’ This documentary follows Hector as he works. And as a truck driver in NYC, Hector has a very demanding work schedule. Hector is being showcased alongside about three other individuals working in the trucking industry. Along with regional truck drivers, you will meet local haulers, sanitation truckers, and other hard working truckers in New York City.

About ‘The City Never Sleeps’

This free series is dedicated to representing truck drivers in the US in their true light. In this era where truck driving jobs are in high demand, this is a great way to spread the word about the industry. Truck drivers are some of the hardest working people in the US and they deserve some recognition. This film series by Mack Trucks is a great way to support truck drivers and give them some much-needed credit for a job well done.

The film is a documentary style video available in eight episodes online without a subscription. According to John Walsh, Mack Trucks Vice President of Marketing, “Our goal with RoadLife is to tell the stories of men and women whose stories aren’t often told, but are so vital to the success of society. New York City, America’s largest city, was the perfect place to start.” It will be interesting to see if this series spreads throughout the rest of the US.

Where to Watch

You can watch ‘The City Never Sleeps’ on online and via social media on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn. RoadLife is an online video viewing channel with the motto “Real people. Real stories. Real life.” It is owned and operated by Mack Trucks, which works to take “you behind the scenes with some of the hardest working athletes, rock stars, pioneers and regular folks who keep the world moving.”

‘The City Never Sleeps,’ that is described as “One of the biggest snowstorms of the season is about to hit New York, and four drivers prepare to keep the city moving,” is just one of the films on the site. Other films you might be interested in include:

  • ‘Built on Family’ featuring Khalil Mack from the NFL
  • ‘New Blood’ about NASCAR’s road king Richard Petty and legend Bubba Wallace
  • ’Breaking the Mold’ about women truck drivers
  • ‘Ryan’s Route’ featuring Ryan Hickman, an eight-year-old operating a garbage truck
  • ‘Long Way From Home’ discussing long-haul trucking lifestyles
  • ‘Roadie Ready’ about the road crew working for Georgia based Zac Brown Band
  • ‘Born Ready’ featuring Steve Moakler, the country singer who performs the song “Born Ready” for the film series

As you can see, each of these features some element of the trucking industry. You have a good mix of OTR truck drivers and local haulers combined with topics interesting to most truck drivers. It’s a good series that is wholesome, supportive, and did we mention free?

Inspiration for Truckers

Another place you can go to find inspiration for truck drivers is here at Careers in Gear. We inspire truck drivers every day by posting some of the top paying trucking jobs in the US. You can find truck driving careers that could one day lead you to roadie crews and NASCAR car hauling. The sky is the limit in this industry.

After all, everything that we consume here in the US has to be delivered in some form by a truck driver. Whether you want to be a truck driver who works for NASA hauling parts for space shuttles or transporting marble for the sculpting of world famous statues of US Presidents…you need to start somewhere.

Finding Your Trucking Jobs

We recommend you start here at Careers in Gear. We have everything you need to help guide your way as you become a professional truck driver. You can look up trucking jobs near you or search among the different trucking companies to find those that best suit you. We feature company profiles that provide you with every detail you need from contact information to pay rates so you can make your smartest job decision. When you get ready to jump over to that next step in the process, we have free online applications for all of the truck driving jobs we list here.

All you have to do is fill out an application and send it to as many trucking companies as you want. Thanks to our 100 percent free and completely secure online application process, you can have your name in front of your next boss in seconds. All it takes to get started is to begin your job search for the best paying trucking jobs on the market. You, too, can become an inspiration to other truckers by putting your best foot forward with smarter job searching.

Source: Mack Trucks – News

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