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Love’s Travel Stops Adds 72 Truck Parking Spaces in Oregon Love’s Travel Stops Adds 72 Truck Parking Spaces in Oregon
Love’s Travel Stops Adds 72 Truck Parking Spaces in Oregon
September 14th, 2018

To find a place to park for the night can be the hardest part of your trucking job. After all, you are a thousand miles away from home and every truck stop seems to be full. One truck stop chain is helping to make this challenge less problematic. Love’s Travel Stops has recently opened a new location in Millersburg, Oregon. Find out what the Love’s off Exit 238 on I-5 has to offer for OTR truck drivers.

Oregon Truck Stop Perks

As a truck driver, you’ll be happy to hear that the new Love’s in Oregon, just outside of Portland, will add 72 truck parking spaces to the area. This is great news considering how busy this region is for truck drivers. Executive chairman and founder of Love’s, Tom Love, said, “We’re happy to be in the growing community of Millersburg. Millersburg is a popular stop for professional drivers and travelers in the busy metropolitan area of Portland.”

Another perk for truck drivers will be the Arby’s restaurant open in the chain store. As a 24/7 truck stop, Love’s also makes it easy to find a hot cup of coffee or ready-to-eat meal for the trucker on the go. This new truck stop will also have seven trucker shower stalls, as well as the branded Truck Tire Care center and a truck driver laundry room. The store will be opened on August 28 during a ribbon cutting ceremony. This store increases the number of Love’s truck stops to more than 460 locations.

Support for Truck Drivers

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Finding Trucking Jobs

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