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Kenan Advantage Group Upgrades Eco-Fleet With National Gas Trailers Kenan Advantage Group Upgrades Eco-Fleet With National Gas Trailers
Kenan Advantage Group Upgrades Eco-Fleet With National Gas Trailers
June 13th, 2019

To become more of an environmentally friendly fleet, Kenan Advantage Group has upgraded its trucks to have renewable natural gas. The use of RNG will help cut out diesel emissions and other toxins in the atmosphere as a result of trucking. Clean Energy, based in California, has also worked with other fleets around the nation to upgrade their equipment to more efficient renewable natural gas. See what this means for truck drivers looking for trucking jobs at Kenan Advantage Group.

Clean Energy Fleet at Kenan Advantage Group

The trucking company Kenan Advantage Group, based in North Canton, Ohio, is a tank truck transporter. In fact, this is the biggest tank truck in the US. When you are a tank truck driver for Kenan Advantage Group, you are most likely hauling chemicals, food products, specialty goods, fuel, or industrial gases.

Now, you will also most likely be operating an RNG truck. The use of renewable natural gas eliminates diesel emissions, which is good for the environment—not to mention it provides you with cleaner air as a truck driver. The program will include 250 new heavy-duty trucks powered up with the RNG.

Bruce Blaise, CEO and President of Kenan Advantage Group, added, “Clean Energy’s Zero Now is a win-win. It has provided us with an opportunity to bring the cost of a natural gas truck at parity with a diesel truck while offering a guaranteed fuel discount for five years.”

Clean Energy is the company that is behind the upgrade. With the Zero Now program at Clean Energy, KAG has been able to transition to the RNG tractors with a lease or purchase option. This makes these newer, eco-friendly trucks as cost-efficient as diesel tractors.

Andrew Littlefair, CEO and President of Clean Energy, said, “We are seeing a positive response to this program as fleets are discovering the advantages of Zero Now when seeking a clean, affordable renewable fuel option that combats air pollution and climate change. This early adoption is particularly encouraging because it’s an endorsement of Near-Zero technology and the high level of performance it delivers.”

Truck Driving Jobs for KAG

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Source: The KAG – News

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