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Hogan Trucking in Missouri Celebrates 100th Anniversary
February 8th, 2018

Headquartered in St. Louis, Missouri is, what has to be, the oldest trucking company still in operation. Hogan is a trucking and transportation company that was started way back when horse-and-buggy was the go-to way to haul freight. And this year Hogan is celebrating its 100th anniversary after starting up in the same year that World War I ended. That’s right, the First World War. Today three grandsons of founder Joseph Hogan are continuing to move freight forward with this full-service trucking company.

Earliest Freight Hauling in the US

In the beginning, Hogan was a trucking company with only one driver and no truck. With a pair of team horses and a covered wagon, Joseph Hogan was handling local cartage services throughout St. Louis. This bustling city took kindly to the Hogan trucking service and soon his business started to expand. By the 1950s Hogan included Carl Hogan, Sr., son of owner Joseph Hogan.

When Carl came on board, it was the generation of economic growth following the two World Wars. This was an exciting decade for trucking, which had become regulated in the 1930s. Now thanks to the boom of capitalism and consumerism freight hauling were in high demand. And Hogan was right there ready to move the goods that consumers and businesses alike need to be delivered.

During this era, Hogan also benefited from the US interstate highway system. This infrastructure allowed Hogan to expand beyond St. Louis and across the rest of the region. Combined with the increase in freight hauling opportunities, Hogan advanced to a full-service trucking company.

Fifty Years and Counting

Once the company celebrated its 50th anniversary Hogan was transitioning into the 1970s, which saw prosperity and continued growth. The carrier also became involved in another popular past time—Indy Racing. Then owner Carl Hogan established Hogan Racing, a racing enterprise with powerful drivers on a championship team. The Hogan Racing team performed in the Formula 5000 series in the 1970s. Then by the 1990s, Hogan Racing was partnering with Penske Racing for a season. Some of the big names that drove under the Hogan brand before it was ended in 1999 included Al Holbert, Chip Ganassi, Bobby Rahal, and Emerson Fittipaldi.

Present Day Hogan Trucking Leadership

In 2001 Carl passed away, leaving the legacy of Hogan trucking to his sons, Brian, David and Carl, Jr. These three leaders have continued to expand the operations of Hogan to form a company with the mission “To be recognized as the most respected transportation provider in the industry by continually focusing on providing the highest quality experience possible for our customers, employees, and strategic partners.” In order to pursue this vision, the company has several areas of service:

  • Full-service leasing for truck drivers who want to take on the role of an independent contractor or owner-operator
  • Commercial truck rentals for shipping customers and drivers alike
  • Fleet maintenance including Road Rescue for truck drivers on the Hogan teams
  • Dedicated freight services
  • Truckload transportation
  • Expedited trucking jobs
  • Less than truckload trucking jobs
  • Intermodal freight hauling

Today Brian Hogan is president, while Carl is vice president of Hogan Truck Leasing. Brother David Hogan is president of Hogan Transports. In addition, Brian Hogan is the chairman of AmeriQuest which is a fleet management company that has been in operation for 20 years in New Jersey.

Driving a Truck for Hogan

If you want to drive a truck for a company that is going to be around longer than you will be a trucker, go with Hogan. This Missouri trucking company has shown that it has what it takes to provide first-class freight hauling through war times, depressions, recessions, and economic nosedives. As a truck driver working for Hogan you can rest assured that your trucking job isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.

Driver opportunities currently available at Hogan include Class A CDL truck driving jobs for experienced drivers, student drivers, and owner-operators. In addition, Hogan hires both solo drivers along with team drivers to cover the LTL and full truckload freight hauling needs of its shipping customers. As a driver for Hogan, you are eligible for regular home time, as well as weekly truck driver pay. The drivers for Hogan operate late model equipment to ensure you are rolling steadily without loss of fuel economy or time sitting due to repair issues.

Other benefits for Hogan truck drivers include paid vacation and paid holidays, as well as comprehensive health care insurance and an opportunity to invest in a 401k for retirement. The company also offers a bonus pay program of up to 8 cents per mile if you are eligible. So what are you waiting for? If you want to drive for one of the oldest trucking companies in the US, apply for your trucking job with Hogan today. Here at CareersinGear we have everything you need to submit your truck driving job application easily online…and it’s a free service for you to use.

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