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Heartland Express Increases Truck Driver Pay Rates
July 19th, 2018

As of July 7, 2018, all of the truck drivers for Heartland Express are getting a raise. The company is joining dozens of other carriers who are offering more pay to their drivers. This has several benefits including job retention and increased job satisfaction. In addition, the driver shortage has trucking companies pushing harder than ever before to keep their fleet of drivers on the payroll. This is perfect for you as a truck driver. You get to reap the rewards by earning more money for trucking jobs. Find out exactly how much these Heartland Express truck drivers are going to get with this pay increase to see if you could benefit, too.

Across the Board Pay Raise

Heartland Express is giving all of its truck drivers a pay raise effective now. The pay raise will benefit owner-operators, team truck drivers, drivers earning mileage, salaried truck drivers, and hourly truck driving jobs. These are all the types of positions available at Heartland Express for truckers. So exactly how much will all of these truck drivers be earning? The pay increase will put Heartland Express drivers making between 40 and 49 cents per mile.

Pay by the Numbers

There are several stipulations that have to do with this pay increase. For starters, the amount of money paid to drivers will vary according to the division. Also, it will pay drivers via Household Goods HHG mileage instead of practical miles. Also, to be able to receive this pay increase as a new driver starting a Heartland Express trucking job, you must have at least six months of driving experience as an OTR truck driver.

For experienced drivers currently working at Heartland and looking to work for the company soon, Heartland Express pays more per mile. If you have at least one decade of truck driving experience you will make between 45 and 53 cents per mile. If you have even more experience, at 20 years or more behind the wheel experience, then you are eligible to make a staggering 67 cents per mile. That is the highest pay per mile that has crossed this desk to date in this race to offer truck drivers more pay.

Truck Driver Bonuses

Heartland Express also offers its truck drivers bonuses for safety and other notable achievements. For instance, drivers who receive the safety bonus at Heartland are able to increase their pay per mile by up to 3 cents. In addition, the carrier offers a Green Mile bonus. This bonus is provided to drivers working on trucking jobs in the Northeast. It accounts to an extra 5 cents per mile. Another bonus the company offers its truck drivers is the Canadian mile bonus. This bonus pays a 5 CPM bonus for all miles covered across our northern border.

Plus, if you get your hazardous materials endorsement you are eligible to receive an extra 1 cent per mile when you are hauling hazmat freight. The company even pays its drivers a guaranteed amount of pay for the first three-plus months. That’s right, for the first 13 weeks that you haul freight for Heartland, the company will make sure you earn a minimum amount. This is ideal for helping you get started, especially if you are just going out as an owner-operator for the first time. That little bit of cushion can support you financially and keep you rolling as you build yourself up.

Working for Heartland Express

Start earning more money today as a truck driver by searching for trucking jobs at Heartland Express. Whether you have six months of 26 years of truck driving experience, you are all set to earn more as a driver with this company. In addition, if you strive to excel in your trucking career by paying attention to safety and getting your endorsements, you will be earning top cents per mile across the board. So how do you get started with this type of trucking job?

Heartland Express hires truck drivers to handle regional freight loads in the truckload segment. If you are interested in staying close to home and having a regular home time schedule, then this is the kind of trucking job for you. In addition to paying top rates, you get to have a more normal and balanced home and work routine. That can make all of the difference in being able to be a successful truck driver. Of course, the pay increases always help, too.

So get started today by applying for truck driving jobs at Heartland Express using the Careers in Gear platform. We have everything from job listings for the best paying trucking companies to company profiles and jobs according to haul type. Begin your search today and start making more money tomorrow!

Source: Heartland Express – Press

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