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Iowa Trucking Company, Heartland Express, Acquires Interstate Distributor Co.
August 4th, 2017

Gaining millions in revenue, along with a roster of shipping customers and fleets of truck drivers, are reasons enough for any trucking company to acquire another. That’s exactly why Heartland Express has sealed the deal on a $113 million acquisition of Interstate Distributor Company out of Tacoma, Washington. By acquiring this Pacific Northwest trucking company, Heartland Express will be able to better serve the West Coast trucking job market. Find out what this acquisition means for shipping customers and trucking jobs alike for these two trucking carriers.

Increase in Operating Revenue

Money talks in any industry, but for the trucking industry, it speaks volumes in terms of freight opportunities. If a trucking company lacks cash flow, there is a good chance it won’t handle the ebbs and flows of the marketplace. Trucking companies of all sizes must operate according to rising and falling diesel prices coupled with supply and demand.

Since you can’t predict these price fluctuations, the best way to buffer against them is with a sizable operating revenue. The acquisition of Interstate Distributor Co. adds more than $325 million to the operating account of Heartland Express, and that’s nothing to sneeze at.

Boost in Shipping Customers

Every trucking company depends on a steady flow of customer traffic. After all, a trucking company is nothing without its shipments to deliver. With the acquisition of IDC, Heartland Express is gaining quite the roster of shipping customers. These include dozens of new customers, as well as a decent amount of diversity. That’s because none of these customers make up more than 5 percent of the former IDC’s revenue.

It is important to have as many customers as possible to handle the constant change in the marketplace, rather than having all your eggs in one basket. Additionally, more than 60 of the customers now acquired by Heartland Express are Fortune 500 companies. Therefore, these new shipping customers are expected to keep up the financial pace along with the number of loads that are moved by Heartland Express truck drivers.

Trucking Jobs from Coast to Coast

The biggest change will be in the territory that Heartland Express serves. As noted, Interstate Distributor Co. is headquartered in Tacoma, Washington. Its service area included Seattle and Tacoma in Washington State, along with Phoenix, Arizona, Southern California, and the state of Oregon. Meanwhile, Heartland Express of Luverne, Minnesota and North Liberty, Iowa is a midwestern trucking company with terminals also in Wisconsin, Florida, Georgia, Virginia, Pennsylvania, Texas, Arkansas, Tennessee, Missouri, Ohio, and Indiana. They also have a trucking terminal in Colorado. Thanks to the expansion, the service area for Heartland Express now extends to the Pacific and also includes Idaho.

Improving Truck Driving Jobs at Heartland Express

For truck drivers hoping to find work at Heartland Express, the company expects to use this acquisition to increase its investments in its fleet and drivers. IDC brings with it “significant investments in IDC’s fleet, personnel, and business practices,” according to Mark Tabbutt, chairman of Saltchuk, the former owner of IDC. These investments now belong to Heartland Express, and ideally, they will help the trucking company provide more technologies and modern equipment for its drivers.

Heartland Express is a carrier offering trucking jobs in the truckload sector, which covers OTR, flatbed, dry van and reefer trucking jobs. Whether you are looking at long-haul singles jobs, team truck driving jobs, dedicated routes, or regional truckload jobs, now is a good time to put in your application for the nationwide Heartland Express.

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