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Hazmat Trucking Companies in the US
May 29th, 2019

For truck drivers hoping to excel in the pay scale category, hazmat hauls are where it’s at. When you are responsible for transporting hazardous material, you automatically make more money. After all, this is a higher risk haul type both in terms of safety and security. You are required to complete additional training for hazmat hauls, as well as an endorsement exam for your CDL. Whether you already have a hazmat endorsement or you are considering this for your career goals, here is what you need to know to get started.

Get a Hazmat Endorsement

You will need to get an endorsement on your CDL for hazmat. This is a separate test from the Class A commercial driver’s license exam. Once you have your Class A CDL, you can go in and take the hazmat endorsement exam. It is recommended that you go ahead and get the tank endorsement while you are at it. The cost for testing is about $5 per endorsement exam depending on the state where you live. All states are required to provide endorsement testing but the pricing varies.

Most often, trucking companies will expect to see you with both of these endorsements on your CDL. Otherwise, you may be required to get a tank endorsement after you are hired for a hazmat trucking job. By having both, which is noted as the combination endorsement on your CDL, you will be ready to get hired.

Finding a Hazmat Hauler

The way to find a trucking company that hires hazmat truck drivers is simple. Search for hazmat trucking companies here at Careers in Gear. You can also start with this list of most of the hazmat carriers in the country:

  • A. Duie Pyle
  • AAT Carriers
  • Ace Drayage Savannah
  • Action Hazmat Companies
  • Andrews Logistics
  • All Star Transportation
  • Altom Transport
  • BJ Cecil Trucking
  • Barmes HazMat
  • Bedford Freight Lines
  • Bennett International Group
  • Bowman Logistics
  • Boyle Transportation
  • Brian Kurtz Trucking
  • Buchheit Logistics
  • C&K Trucking
  • Canal Cartage Company
  • Cannonball Trucking
  • Capital
  • Cast Transportation
  • Continental Expedited Services
  • Cranston Trucking Company
  • DSN Chemical Transportation
  • Dupre Logistics
  • Enviro Care
  • Gazelle Transportation
  • Gooch Trucking
  • Grimes Trucking
  • Groendyke Transport
  • H&M Trucking
  • Hazmat Environmental Group
  • J H Walker Trucking
  • JKC Trucking
  • James J Williams
  • Jetco
  • Logiflex
  • Network Transportation
  • PGT Trucking
  • Palmetto State Transportation
  • Road Scholar Transport
  • Ryan Transportation
  • Schiber Transportation
  • Silver Arrow Express
  • Slay Transportation
  • Solar Transport
  • Superior Carriers
  • Teresi Trucking
  • Titan Transline
  • Thrift Trucking
  • TMX Intermodal
  • US Logistics
  • WW Rowland Trucking
  • Wonder Transport

Note that there are plenty more trucking companies that hire hazmat truck drivers, as well as other types of drivers. So you can work for a multi-modal trucking carrier that also hires refrigerated haulers, dry van truckers, and tank truck drivers. To find these trucking companies check out Careers in Gear.

That is because most trucking companies that hire drivers for hazmat hauls are also expecting you to have experience with tank trucking jobs. Get started today and find your next hazardous materials trucking job at Careers in Gear. We also feature a free and simple way to apply to any trucking jobs on our platform. Forget subscribing or paying a fee–it’s all ready to use right now with zero strings attached.

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