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Flatbed Trucking Companies in the US
May 15th, 2019

When you are just starting out in the trucking industry, it can be overwhelming to try to understand all of the lingo and terminology. Haul types, for example, include flatbed, dry van, tank, and reefer or refrigerated hauls. Learn more about flatbed trucking jobs here to determine if this is the type of job for you. In addition, we have also listed flatbed trucking companies with paid CDL training to help students who want to start making money fast. Get going on your journey to be a flatbed truck driver today.

Types of Flatbed Trucking Jobs

When you start looking for flatbed trucking jobs, you’ll quickly learn that there is more involved than just strapping and tarping heavy hauls and oversized freight. There are trucking companies that only haul glass, while other flatbed carriers are focused on oil field cargo services. Some flatbed carriers only haul construction and building materials, such as steel and aluminum. For flatbed truck drivers, logging is another popular type of local trucking job.

You can also find trucking companies that only use certain types of trailers, i.e., flatbed versus step deck trailers. Flatbed truck drivers also handle the same variety of haul lengths as any OTR trucking job. You have regional flatbed drivers and dedicated flatbed jobs, as well as long haul flatbed trucking jobs, which is the most common. In addition, some trucking companies are only working with flatbed freight, whereas other carriers deal with other haul types and divisions.

List of Flatbed Trucking Companies in the US

Along with searching for flatbed trucking jobs here at Careers in Gear, you can also look up individual carriers. Check out this list of most of the flatbed trucking companies in the US:

  • Acme Truck Line
  • Admiral Merchants Motor Freight
  • American Eagle Logistics
  • Anderson Trucking Service
  • Aveda Transportation and Energy Services
  • Bennett International Group
  • The Boyd Companies
  • Big Freight Systems
  • Builders Transportation
  • Bulldog Hiway Express
  • Central Oregon Truck Company
  • Combined Transport
  • CTI
  • Cypress Truck Lines
  • Daseke
  • E.W. Wylie
  • Fraley & Shilling
  • Gypsum Express
  • Hornady Transportation
  • JD & Billy Hines Trucking
  • J. Grady Randolph
  • Jones Brothers Trucking
  • Lone Star Transportation
  • Maverick USA
  • McElroy Truck Lines
  • Melton Truck Lines
  • Mercer Transportation Co.
  • Miller Truck Lines
  • Moore Freight Service
  • P&S Transportation
  • PGT Trucking
  • PI&I Motor Express
  • The Roadmaster Group
  • Roehl Transport
  • The Schilli Companies
  • Smokey Point Distributing
  • The Steelman Companies
  • Tennessee Steel Haulers aka TSH & Co.
  • TMC Transportation
  • Transport Investments
  • United Vision Logistics Holding Corp.
  • Western Express
  • Williams Brothers Trucking
  • WTI Transport

About Daseke Flatbed Trucking Companies

Daseke is a trucking corporation that actually includes 17 flatbed and specialized trucking companies. These individual companies are located all across the US. Here is a breakdown of these flatbed and specialty companies along with their locations:

  • Aveda Transportation and Energy Services in Canada
  • Big Freight Systems in Canada
  • The Boyd Companies in Tuscaloosa, Alabama
  • Builders Transportation in Memphis, Tennessee
  • Bulldog Hiway Express in Charleston, South Carolina
  • Central Oregon Truck Company in Redmond, Oregon
  • EW Wylie in West Fargo, North Dakota
  • Hornady Transportation in Monroeville, Alabama
  • J. Grady Randolph in Gaffney, South Carolina
  • Lone Star Transportation in Abilene, Texas
  • Moore Freight Service in Mascot, Tennessee
  • The Roadmaster Group in Phoenix, Arizona
  • The Schilli Companies in Remington, Indiana
  • Smokey Point Distributing in Arlington, Washington
  • The Steelman Companies in Springfield, Missouri
  • TSH & Co. aka Tennessee Steel Haulers in Redmond, Oregon
  • WTI Transport in Tuscaloosa, Alabama

With Daseke, you work for one of the individual flatbed trucking companies. So rather than searching for Daseke trucking jobs, you want to search for Moore Freight Service jobs or trucking jobs at Lone Star Transportation. You can also search for flatbed trucking companies in your city and state. This gives you the flatbed carriers and the best trucking jobs open right now within a few seconds of searching.

Flatbed Trucking Companies and Paid CDL Training

Another way you can choose which flatbed trucking company to work for is whether or not paid CDL training is available. When you need to get your commercial driver’s license, along with behind the wheel experience, paid CDL training offers all of this for free. Your training company covers your costs for truck driver training, and in most cases, you earn a paycheck while in the training program. To help you get started, each of these flatbed carriers offers paid CDL training for drivers:

  • JD & Billy Hines Trucking
  • Jones Brothers Trucking
  • Maverick USA
  • Prime Inc.
  • Roehl Transport
  • TMC Trucking
  • Western Express

You can find trucking jobs for student drivers interested in paid CDL training right here at Careers in Gear. Let us put you in the driver’s seat for your next trucking job. Haul for the carrier that will pay you the most money by starting with our job pool.

We have so many trucking jobs for flatbed haulers just waiting for drivers like you to pick them up. Best of all, you can search for flatbed trucking jobs and apply for them within minutes of now. Just give Careers in Gear a go for your trucking job hunt. We have all of the resources to help you get on your way!

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