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What to Expect When You Get Your First Tank Truck Inspection
June 27th, 2019

The North American Standard Cargo Tank and Other Bulk Packagings Inspection, specifically, is the inspection of your tank trailer. If you are a tank truck driver, learn more about the procedure of what you can expect when getting your first cargo tank inspection. When you are ready to find a new tanker trucking job, stick around and see what Careers and Gear has to offer.

About the Cargo Tank Inspection

The inspection starts just as any other level inspection, such as the CVSA Level I inspection we discuss in depth here. However, type of inspection is not one of the level inspections. This is a special inspection that law enforcement officers conduct on truck drivers hauling tank freight. You are required to have your tank inspected before you go over the road with bulk packagings or tank cargo.

What to Expect During the Inspection

The inspector will begin inspecting the tank trailer and cargo only. This includes taking a look at the specification marking of your cargo to verify the following:

  • Test date markings
  • Cargo securement
  • Freight integrity
  • Double bulkhead drains
  • Tank pipes
  • Emergency flow control devices
  • Rear end protection
  • Any optional items

If your tank meets inspection requirements, then you receive a CVSA decal. This decal ensures you are safely permitted to transport the cargo.

Finding a Tank Trucking Job

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Source: CVSA – Info

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