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Daimler Trucks Enters the All Electric Semi Truck Marketplace
June 25th, 2018

Move over Telsa and Nikola Motor Company. Slide out of the scene Thor Trucks. There is a new trucking company on the market putting out an electric truck for the trucking industry. This is not the first fully electric truck put out by Daimler Trucks. However, it is the first medium- and heavy-duty trucks the company has released in the US. Learn more about the Freightliner eCascadia and how Daimler intends to take down the truck division.

Fully Electric Big Rigs

Daimler Trucks is rolling out the Freightliner eCascadia and eM2106, which is a heavy-duty Class 8 truck and a medium-duty truck. If you’ll recall back in 2015 when Daimler Trucks released the prototype of the Cascadia. This was the first ever all-electric truck out there. In fact, it could still be the first to the production line if it beats the Tesla Semi set to go to market in 2019. However, the Daimler Trucks North America (DTNA) foresees the eCascadia and eM2106 will reach the market in some aspect by 2021.

About the truck, president and chief executive officer of DTNA, Roger Nielsen said, “The Freightliner eCascadia and eM2 are designed to meet customer needs for electrified commercial vehicles serving dedicated, predictable routes where the vast majority of daily runs fall between 45 and 150 miles. These innovative trucks reflect DTNA’s commitment to bring practical, game-changing technology to market. The eCascadia, utilizing North America’s bestselling Class 8 platform, and eM2 106, based on one of the most in-demand medium-duty truck designs, are built on validated, series production trucks in extensive use by our customers every day.”

Note these are a lot shorter in range in comparison to the Class 8 trucks of Tesla Semi and Nikola One. In fact, the eCascadia and eM2106 are looking more like a regional truck or rather a local delivery truck. That will only cover a section of the market saturated in truckload OTR trucking hauls. But it looks like long distance isn’t the primary driver at Daimler.

Nielsen explained, “Our primary goal at DTNA is bringing vehicles to market that are safe, reliable and efficient. Heavy-duty electric vehicles present the greatest engineering challenges, but they also are the best learning laboratories. We have decades of experience in successfully producing durable commercial vehicles in high volumes that stand up to the demands our customers place on them. We now bring this unmatched experience and expertise to the electric truck category.”

Power and Performance

While the eCascadia and eM2106 looks to be a bit lax in terms of total miles reached, this truck makes up for the missing points in performance. Overall, the new electric truck has a max of 730 horsepower. When charging up the truck’s battery, it will go from 0 to 80 percent charged in just 90 minutes. The eM2106 can do this in just 60 minutes.

Regarding the new truck, Freightliner Trucks Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing Richard Howard said, “DTNA is striving to develop electric commercial vehicles that reduce emissions and enhance our customers’ bottom lines through improved uptime and lower operating costs. With the largest dealer and service network in North America, we will offer unparalleled access to factory-trained technicians, parts and support. We will leverage this network to support the Freightliner Electric Innovation Fleet and, as more electric commercial vehicles are delivered to our customers, we will provide the superior support they expect from Freightliner.”

Daimler Trucks member of the divisional board Frank Reintjes, also commented, “DTNA’s electric truck initiative is a direct result of the global collaboration at Daimler. We are shaping the future of road transportation, and no matter the drivetrain, we strive to be the undisputed global market leader in commercial vehicles – always focusing on the real needs of our customers. At the same time, we create valuable synergies for Daimler Trucks.”

Truck Driving Jobs in the Future

What will trucking jobs look like in the future? Will we control drones that handle packages one propelled system at a time? Most likely not, but some degree of technological change is bound to take place. The start of electric trucks is expected to improve the lives and safety of truck drivers. As a result, the trucking industry hopes to attract new drivers to help fill in the gap of the driver shortage. This is paramount if we are to keep the trucking industry running full steam, and increasing in capacity in the next few decades.

If you want to be part of the wave of drivers who are going to be operating these new electric trucks first, now is the time to apply. You can go ahead and find the perfect trucking job while the e-truck industry kicks off. By the time you get your CDL and go through truck driver training, you will be ready to roll in one of these futuristic big rigs. In addition to having one of the coolest pieces of equipment on the road, the truckers of the future are going to be moving in premium style. The Daimler Trucks eCascadia and eM2106, as well as the Nikola One, Tesla Semi, and Thor Trucks ET-One, are just the beginning of this transformation.

Source: DTNA – Press Release

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