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Prepare for the CVSA Operation Safe Driver Week with Speed Safety Tips
July 16th, 2019

Truck driver safety is already at the top of your list. After all, you want to make sure you can make it home each night or on the weekends. There is one area of truck driver safety that you want to focus on in particular—speed. Speed kills and this isn’t just a tacky slogan. Among truck drivers, four-wheeled vehicles, and pedestrians, speeding is a leading cause of fatalities. According to the Governors Highway Safety Association, speeding was related to 26 percent of all accident fatalities in the US in 2016. Find out more about how you can stay safe while reducing the speed of your big rig all year long with these tips.

Prepare for Operation Safe Driver Week

This year you want to be ready for the CVSA Operation Safe Driver Week by doing the basic thing of slowing down. However, taking it easy on the diesel pedal isn’t the only area you want to consider when going a little faster than you know you probably should. Prepare for the upcoming CVSA Operation Safe Driver Week with these reminders about the importance of driving a safe speed at all times.

Speeding Around Pedestrians as a Trucker

Start with pedestrians in your update on speed safety as a trucker. Drive at safe speeds when around pedestrians to protect against impact. This includes near crosswalks, crossing islands, transit stops, sidewalks, and intersections. At impacts of 16 miles per hour, pedestrian risk of being severely injured increased by 10 percent. Go up to 31 mph and the risk increases to 50 percent according to the Foundation for Traffic Safety and the AAA.

Consider the velocity increase that a truck has here and you can see the reason to slow down around pedestrians. Another problem is that drivers and pedestrians alike often don’t pay attention to the right-of-way direction. As a truck driver, pay particular attention when slowing down around pedestrians to account for their lack of insight.

Choose a Clean DOT Inspection

Adding speeding to the top of the list of priorities for trucker inspections during this CVSA blitz gives you the chance to refresh on your skills. The fact that you might get a ticket due to speeding is one reason to avoid this behavior while driving a big rig. After all, you do not want to get a bad DOT inspection. Most trucking companies we feature here at Careers in Gear now pay big money for drivers who have clean DOT inspections.

CVSA President Chief Jay Thompson, of the Arkansas Highway Police, said this about driver safety pointed this out: “As unpopular as traffic citations are among drivers, we know that driver behavior does respond to contacts with law enforcement and warnings and citations. Roadway safety is our top priority and this traffic enforcement initiative supports our goal of making sure everyone driving on our roadways is doing so safely.”

Safe Driver Inspiration

That’s why the CVSA will be focusing on speeding on this upcoming Operation Safe Driver Week. Thompson added, “For more than two decades, speeding has been involved in nearly one-third of all motor vehicle fatalities. That is unacceptable, especially because it’s preventable. We will continue to educate the public on the dangers of speeding and we will identify individuals who are speeding on our roadways and may issue citations as a deterrent to future speeding tendencies and to affect diver behavior.”

Stay safe and slowly drive that big rig, Trucker. And if you are ready to drive that truck for a new company that pays you more money and gives you better truck driver benefits—we’ve got you covered there, too.

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