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Covenant Transport Adds New APU System to Trucking Fleet
December 2nd, 2019

One of the best ways to save money as a trucking company is by providing fuel management services to drivers. This is one reason that so many carriers are utilizing the technology called an auxiliary power system or APU. Recently one of the biggest trucking companies, Covenant Transport, came out with an investment—a new hybrid auxiliary power system. Learn more about why this is such a good idea for this carrier and for truck drivers and apply for Covenant trucking jobs today.

Hybrid APUs at Covenant Transport

The hybrid auxiliary power units (APUs) that are going to be used in the fleet at Covenant Transport are well passed the testing phase. Now this equipment will go into the active runs and hauls of Covenant truck drivers. This is great news for drivers who want to save money—especially when it comes to meeting those fuel mileage levels.

According to a press release by Covenant Transport, Joanne Bjick, who is the DClimate project manager and spokeswoman, said, “Fleets are looking for partners who offer solutions to problems that are cost-effective and keep their goals of driver retention and sustainability on the forefront.” This is where companies like DClimate come into the picture. Bjick went into detail about the DClimate Hybrid System that was recently released as a way to help with sustainability.

“Finding cost-effective ways to minimize idle, maximize MPG performance without sacrificing the driver experience have always been primary goals with DClimate. Our test with Covenant proved the DClimate Hybrid System offered driver comfort with significant fuel savings, and decreased idle times without sacrificing performance,” said Bjick.

Dan Porterfield represents Covenant Transport as the vice president of maintenance for Covenant Transport Services. CTS is a subsidiary of Covenant Transport. Regarding the new equipment, Porterfield said the trials were promising for the extended service department. That means you can expect to get more out of each hour or mile of service that comes with this new equipment.

This saves you time and money on handling your trucking equipment between each haul. He explained, “We knew we wanted an APU that was battery-operated, had the capacity to consistently run through the drivers’ rest breaks and was very reliable. If we accomplished that, we knew we’d be providing a benefit to our drivers and lower operating expenses.”

Those trial runs of the HVAC equipment were on the winning side. Porterfield added, “And now with more than nine months in over-the-road testing, Covenant is ready to move on with other tractors in the fleet. There are many challenges in a fleet operation — DClimate has the ability to help us with idle reduction, fuel efficiency improvement and driver comfort.”

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Source: Covenant Transport – News Release

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