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CFI Increases Truck Driver Pay for OTR Drivers
July 26th, 2018

CFI, a trucking company in Missouri, is the latest to rollout truck driver pay raises. As a long-haul trucking company providing OTR trucking jobs, CFI has improved its compensation package for these drivers. The company is aiming this increased compensation towards experienced truck drivers. The goal is to attract qualified truck drivers for the CFI fleet, which improves productivity, expedience, and even morale for a fleet. If you are currently in the trucking job market and looking for a company to haul for, check out more about the pay raise available at CFI.

Drivers Earning More Money

CFI has announced that a pay increase of up to 3 cents per mile is now effective for all OTR long-haul truckers. The pay raise will also extend in some capacity to those independent contractors and other company drivers at CFI. These drivers will be earning a raise of 1 to 3 cents per mile as of July 22, 2018. That’s right, even independent contractors at CFI will be getting a raise of up to 3 CPM.

The pay increase comes at a time when the driver shortage is hitting its stride coupled with a strong economy. Trucking companies understand that drivers deserve and expect to earn more. These companies also understand that if they want to keep their qualified drivers around, they are going to have to compete salary-wise. CFI is proving that it has what it takes to compete with driver pay while maintaining its own qualified fleet of drivers.

Greg Orr, President of CFI, said, “It is time to reward our professional drivers for their dedication and superior performance. By collaborating with our customers, we increased network efficiency to provide record productivity for our drivers to run more miles.”

Orr continued to lay out what this means for CFI truck drivers: “We’re pleased to share the success with our drivers – this includes pay, amenities, support programs and benefits that demonstrate our driver-first culture.” Orr continued, “We believe the overall package and work environment we offer makes CFI the best choice for experienced professionals, as well as those looking to start a career in trucking.”

Truck Driver Benefits

Along with getting a major pay raise, CFI is also providing its fleet of drivers with plenty of driver amenities. Drivers are eligible to sign up for comprehensive health insurance, as well as a 401k retirement plan option. You also get access to safety bonuses, a driver referral program, and reimbursements for truck driver showers. All of these perks add up to create a competitive truck driver benefits package that will continue to drive your career.

If you are just starting out as a truck driver, CFI does offer a student driver benefits. You can sign up for tuition assistance if you are currently in trucking school, or tuition reimbursement to cover your costs for training post-graduation. CFI is also active in supporting our military soldiers and veterans by providing veteran trucking jobs and training.

Choosing CFI

If you are interested in driving for CFI and becoming a Missouri truck driver hauling over the road freight, now is the best time to apply for a trucking job. Here at Careers in Gear, we have all of the top listings of trucking jobs for truck drivers at CFI and other competitive carriers. We only provide job postings for the top-rated trucking companies that have the most to offer their drivers.

Take a moment to check out what kind of trucking jobs are currently available with CFI. You can even go a step further and apply for a trucking job so you are able to start working as soon as possible. We offer a free online trucking job application service just for your job search needs. All you have to do is start your job search at Careers in Gear today.

Finding a Trucking Job

As you take a look at the premium trucking companies like CFI that are currently hiring drivers, you want to have every advantage. This way when you are competing against highly qualified and experienced truck drivers for top paying jobs, you stand a chance. Start before you fill out your application for a trucking job. Take a look at your CDL. Do you have any endorsements on your commercial driver’s license? Do you have the hazardous materials endorsement or a tanker endorsement?

If you do not, then consider getting all of your CDL endorsements before you apply for a trucking job. Trucking companies are looking for haulers who have particular endorsements and they are paying more for this extra service. An endorsement means you have a set of specialized hauling skills that enable you to legally haul freight that non-endorsed drivers cannot haul. As a result, you automatically set yourself apart from the crowd as a more qualified candidate for the trucking job.

Source: CFI – News

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