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Celadon Starts Up a New Truck Driver Safety Incentive Program
July 20th, 2017

Truck driver safety is the hottest topic on the tongues of industry leaders and truckers alike. Trucking fatalities cause the nation at large to distrust the trucking industry, and it puts a bad spin on the at-fault drivers and carriers. At the same time, truckers’ families and communities never want to hear the horrible news that their beloved father, brother, son, or community leader has died while taking an over-the-road trucking job. The goal for any truck driver and his fleet is to make it home safely. Yet with the increase in road traffic and demand for trucking loads, combined with the crumbling infrastructure of the US, truck drivers are finding it harder to drive safely. This is where trucking companies like Celadon Trucking must step up to the plate and help these drivers make it back home without issue.

Celadon Trucking Safety Incentives

Based out of Indianapolis, Indiana, Celadon Trucking is a leader in the truckload shipping market. The company is one of the 10 biggest trucking companies providing OTR full truckload services in the US. Founded in 1985, the trucking carrier now has more than 4,000 employees. To provide these truck drivers with a safer workplace while over the road, Celadon Trucking has kicked off the Safety Incentive Program. Truckers at Celadon who are safe behind the wheel can receive major awards in recognition for their hard work.

The way this program works is that truckers at Celadon will receive points for safe driving practices. These include:

  • Driving methods that help the driver reduce the rate of trucking accidents
  • Public safety practices that drivers follow for accident reduction
  • Trucking compliance, aka passing DOT inspections and having a good CSA score

When drivers complete these tasks, they receive points. These points will accumulate quarterly, after which truck drivers at Celadon will be able to redeem them for prizes. The point-based system gives rewards that range from jewelry to electronics, as well as vacations to Palm Springs, Florida and the Riviera Maya in Mexico. Drivers will be competing with each other to receive the most points each quarter and to snag the best prizes.

Earning Points for the Safety Incentive Program

To be eligible for the new Safety Incentive Program at Celadon, truck drivers must operate for the carrier full time. Please note that owner operators or drivers for OOs are ineligible to participate. You must be a company driver at Celadon to be a part of this program. Points are earned according to the following system:

  • Solo drivers who get paid by the mile can earn 1 point per mile for every safe mile they cover past 10,000 miles in a quarter
  • Team drivers paid CPM rates will earn 1 point per mile for more than 20,000 safe miles, which are split among the team
  • Hourly drivers at Celadon can earn 35 points for every hour over 180 safely driven hours

If you manage to drive for more than 30,000 safe miles in a quarter, or 750 hours, you get an additional 30,000 points on top of those you’ve already racked up. Additionally, if you get pulled over for a roadside inspection by the DOT, and you have no violations, then you get an additional 4,000 points.

What to Avoid

Issues that can prevent you from earning points for the program include:

  • Not completing your Quarterly Safety Training
  • Not submitting to an inspection on a timely basis
  • Having corrective action or counseling for your hours of service logs
  • Having adverse incidents or remediation for accidents
  • Getting a violation by a local, state, or federal regulatory
  • Getting a violation per the company policy for drivers
  • Having an excessive amount of critical events

If you want to get those points and earn the fun prizes, then do your best behind the wheel and avoid these costly errors. It will benefit you in terms of the incentive program, as well as in terms of job security and your trucking resume. Plus, your CSA score will remain intact, along with your DMV record, which is paramount for any truck driver.

Want to get in on the great prizes that are being awarded by Celadon Trucking? Apply for a Celadon trucking job today!

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