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Celadon Offers $4,000 for a First-Year Sign-On Bonus
May 22nd, 2018

The Indianapolis, Indiana trucking company Celadon is pumping up their driver benefits. Most recently, the carrier has announced a new first-year bonus, as well as an updated vacation package for drivers. If you are considering a trucking job with Celadon, now is an ideal time to jump into the driver’s seat with your application process. Start by learning more about the driver benefits now available for Celadon truck drivers.

First-Year Bonus

Celadon, like all trucking companies, are striving to keep driver retention up. By keeping drivers around for the long haul, carriers spend less on truck driver recruitment and training. More importantly, this helps with fleet and customer confidence since drivers are able to develop relationships and trust. In order to help retain drivers, Celadon is now offering a first-year bonus. This bonus includes a financial incentive of $4,000. Truck drivers who attended driver orientation at Celadon as of April 30, 2018, and after this date are eligible. They will receive this money in increments of $1,000 for every 25,000 miles that they complete in hauls.

Updated Vacation Package

Another way that Celadon is striving to attract and retain truck drivers is by providing them with an updated vacation package. This package includes paid vacation time off. It is available for OTR company drivers at Celadon. These drivers now receive $1,000 a week for their paid vacation time off. This is great news for drivers who want to increase their earnings and get some much deserved rest and relaxation.

CDL Training for Drivers

At Celadon, truck drivers who are fresh out of trucking school can receive paid driver training. Through this program, CDL graduates who have just earned their Class A CDL, yet have less than two months of driving experience, are eligible. You are paired with a driver trainer and earn $450 a week for four weeks while training behind the wheel.

For student drivers who have three to five months of driving experience, Celadon also offers the paid training program along with a one-week mentor program. In addition, these drivers earn a $500 bonus for a transition pay when completing the training program.

In addition, Celadon is now allowing student drivers to ride along with experienced OTR company drivers at the company. If you know someone who is in or will be attending trucking school and needs experience, you can have them ride along with you.

Celadon will pay the student $250 a month as tuition reimbursement if they choose to be a team driver with you. In addition, you both get a sign-on bonus for team loyalty, worth a total of $8,000 split between the two of you. It’s a great way for student drivers to get the training and quality behind the wheel experience they need.

Applying for a Trucking Job at Celadon

If you are ready to take advantage of these first-year benefits and sign-on bonuses, start the process by applying for a trucking job at Celadon. The company is currently hiring company drivers, as well as owner-operators. As one of the biggest trucking companies in the US, Celadon has plenty of opportunities for drivers. Whether you are a student driver just starting your trucking career or an experienced hauler looking for steady freight, Celadon has a position for you.

Begin your trucking job search today by looking at all of the job openings we have here on CareersinGear. Search according to hauls you have experience with, or by your geographical location. You can also go straight to the Celadon company profile to read more about this trucking company.

For example, we have everything new drivers need to know about driver qualifications, including the fact you need to be at least 21.5 years old to apply at Celadon. Read the company profile to find out more about the fine details that can make or break your job chances.

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We want to hear from you. Have you applied to Celadon before or worked for this trucking company? Do you have any tips for new truckers who are trying to get a trucking job at Celadon? We would love to hear your words of wisdom as drivers who have been there!

Source: Celadon – News

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