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Prepare for the CDL With Boyd Bros. CDL-A Truck Driving School
December 23rd, 2019

The Boyd Bros. Driving Academy is a place where you can get your Class A CDL. Technically, you are just getting the skills and information you need to be able to apply for your truck driver’s license. That’s why choosing a school that has a trucking company as a partner can be quite beneficial. You are able to learn from the best and from industry veterans who are mentoring you. Explore more about the Boyd Bros. Driving Academy and determine whether this is the best trucking company and school for you.

CDL-A Truck Driver School

The Boyd Bros. CDL-A Driver School offers truck driver training for professionals who hope to be in it for the long haul. The company provides such strong training services that “one out of every six drivers on the Boyd team earns the privilege of joining a reliable group of Million Miler professionals.” The trucking school that Boyd Bros. provides is based in Birmingham, Alabama. However, the company does require you to get your Class A CDL before you attend the program.

The way this works is you will apply to your local Boyd Bros. trucking job here at Careers in Gear. Then we give you the pathway to be in line for a truck driver training opportunity. Once you have your Class A CDL and are at least 22 years old, and can physically maneuver tarps for flatbed freight, you are ready to apply. After you apply to a trucking job at Boyd Bros. and let them know you have no experience but a Class A CDL, they will set you with this training program.

The Boyd Bros. CDL-A Truck Driver School offers students with four weeks of training along with a loan in the amount of $400. This is to cover your expenses while you’re in the training program. You are also given access to complimentary housing and meals, which means you won’t have to pay anything for lodging. You will want to bring or have options for snacks if desired. The school provides training that includes eight hours in the classroom along with lab work where you learn basic controls of trucking equipment. The class also trains you with highway and road skills.

Apply for Trucking Jobs with Boyd Bros. Transportation

To apply for trucking jobs with Boyd Bros., see what we have to offer for you here at Careers in Gear. Review our local trucking jobs for flatbed OTR drivers and regional operators to get started. Then apply to your next trucking job and begin making that money that you really deserve for your CDL.

Source: Boyd Bros. Transportation – Info

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