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ATA Releases Data About Truck Driver Pay
April 16th, 2018

As you search for the best paying truck driving jobs, how do you know you are getting the top pay rates? One way you can find these trucking jobs is to check out the listings at CareersinGear. We only offer the best paying jobs from carriers from coast to coast. There is also another way to check your information. The American Trucking Associations has conducted an extensive Driver Compensation Study. Check out some of the information this study reveals in regard to truck driving job pay.

Overview of Truck Driver Pay

Let’s start with the first question every trucker wants to know. Are truck drivers earning more money today than they did a decade or even a few years ago? Yes. According to the ATA, driver pay has increased due to a higher demand for drivers. There is an interesting combination of a need for qualified drivers and an increase in freight demands. There is more freight hauls that need transported and carriers want the best truck drivers to handle these loads.

As a result, they are paying drivers more money to attract them and to retain their services. More specifically, Bob Costello, the ATA Chief Economist, states, “This latest survey, which includes data from more than 100,000 drivers, shows that fleets are reacting to an increasingly tight market for drivers by boosting pay, improving benefit packages and offering other enticements to recruit and retain safe and experienced drivers.”

If you have been searching for trucking jobs, you have already seen this in action. Getting paid per mile isn’t enough. Companies are also offering huge sign-on bonuses and an array of health and wellness benefits to attract drivers. It’s all in order to attract the best drivers and to keep them hired for the long turn.

Costello added, “Our survey told us that carriers are offering thousands of dollars in bonuses to attract new drivers. And once drivers are in the door, fleets are offering benefits like paid leave, health insurance and 401(k)s to keep them. This data demonstrates that fleets are reacting to concerns about the driver shortage by raising pay and working to make the job more attractive. I expect that trend to continue as demand for trucking services increases as our economy grows.”

How Much Do Drivers Earn Today

The next question drivers have about pay rates is the price tag of these increases. Sure, the industry says drivers are getting more money. But what does that mean exactly? The ATA study reports that truckload trucking jobs are paying truck drivers a median annual salary that is $7,000 more than they received in 2013. That means drivers are making more than $53,000 when handling OTR trucking jobs, which is an increase of 15 percent.

As for truck drivers for private fleets, they are getting an even bigger pay increase. These drivers are now earning an average of $86,000. This is an increase of $13,000 a year, which is an 18 percent over what they earned in 2013 when they were making an average of $73,000. These are substantial salary increases that prove exactly how much more truckers can make these days. Part of the reason for pay increases is to balance out the industry post the Great Recession when truck driver pay rates dropped out of the bottom.

However, the demand for quality drivers is another significant point to consider here. And this demand is only going to get bigger as more truck drivers hit the retirement age and leave the job force. Did you know that the average truck driver age is 48? That is only a decade away from early retirement and is a far older age group for workers than most other occupations.

Finding Top Paying Trucking Jobs

If you are currently employed in a low paying trucking job, it’s time for a major change in your trucking career. There are too many top paying trucking jobs out there for you to have to get short changed for your hard work. One place to start is here at CareersinGear. Our mission is to help you find those big bucks in the truck driving industry. When you want to find trucking companies that fit the bill, check out our trucking carrier profiles. Then search among the current job offerings to see how much more you can add to your bank account each month with better paying trucking jobs.

Source: ATA – Article

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