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AAA Cooper Transportation Offers Trucking Jobs in LTL and TL Freight Hauls
December 13th, 2019

AAA Cooper Transportation is a trucking company that handles a variety of haul types. This includes LTL less than truckload and TL truckload freight. The company manages specialized dedicated contract carriage hauls that shippers need, too. Along with tackling trucker brokerage and fleet maintenance in house, AAA Cooper Transportation is able to work as a full-service provider. It’s also a great place to get a trucking job. Learn more about how to find ACT trucking jobs and more here on Careers in Gear.

Truck Driving Area

AAA Cooper Transportation is family owned and nonunionized. The carrier handles regional LTL truckloads in several states. For starters, the company has LTL services in the following states:

  • Texas
  • Oklahoma
  • Louisiana
  • Arkansas
  • Mississippi
  • Alabama
  • Florida
  • Georgia
  • South Carolina
  • North Carolina
  • Tennessee
  • Kentucky
  • Indiana
  • Illinois

If you live in either of these states and are trying to find a trucking job, let us assist you with resources. You can search for trucking jobs according to state and see who is hiring near you. Careers in Gear has the resources you want to help you get moving in your truck driving career today.

About Dedicated Trucking Jobs

Dedicated trucking jobs are one of the main areas of services for AAA Cooper Transportation. This segment of the carrier takes on freight for the lower 48 states. AAA Cooper Transportation provides truckload including a multi-stop truckload that is similar to LTL truckload hauls. This includes milk runs that might include tanker loads if this is for processing and manufacturing plants. Speaking of which, AAA Cooper Transportation also provides tier I and II manufacturing jobs. The industries that this carrier hauls for includes:

  • Automotive parts and manufacturing
  • Building materials including aluminum
  • Corrugated packaging supplies
  • Food and beverage industry
  • Heavy equipment hauls
  • HVAC equipment hauls
  • Office supplies

The truck drivers working for AAA Cooper Transportation also offer more services than just drop and hook. At the company, drivers provide liftgate, white glove, and unattended nighttime delivery for customer convenience. If you have experiences in these areas, make sure to mention that when you apply to a trucking job at Careers in Gear.

Benefits for Truck Drivers at AAA Cooper

AAA Cooper Transportation has a wealth of benefits for its drivers. These include a health plan, dental plan, vision plan, and health savings plan. You are also eligible to receive long term disability and life insurance, as well as access to a 401k profit-sharing program. Sick pay to provide you with paid time off is also available for drivers working at this Alabama trucking company. When you start working as a truck driver at AAA Cooper, you are able to increase your earnings and profits by reaping these rewards. Reduce your healthcare costs and start saving for your retirement when you are employed with this trucking company.

Finding Trucking Jobs at AAA Cooper

If you want to find a trucking job at AAA Cooper, let us help you out. Here at Careers in Gear, we give you everything you need to secure a job in the trucking industry. See what kind of jobs you can find when you start your local job search. We make it easy to look for everything from truck driver news to job postings and give you the resources you need to move on in your career. Whether you are just starting out and want to become a top-rated truck driver, or you want to progress your trucking career goals as an experienced driver–we are ready to help.

See what we can do for you and your career as a truck driver. Get a move on your career by searching for a trucking company like AAA Cooper near you. If AAA Cooper is not hiring in your state or region, we have hundreds of other companies that are. Find out fast with our state by state search option. Our application is free to use and gets you in line with the best of the trucking companies that want to hire you.

These companies are vetted using our high-tech algorithms to quickly filter through carriers according to your specifications. Look up companies that only handle LTL freight hauls like AAA Cooper or freight in the Southeast. Then you can see only those carriers and applicable trucking jobs available to you. Ready to find out more? Get your trucking jobs now at Careers in Gear.

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