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7 Apps That Make a Trucker’s Life Easier
December 6th, 2016

In the trucking industry whether you’re hauling dry van loads, reefer truck loads, or driving a flatbed you want to find shortcuts wherever you can. The shortcuts we’re talking about here are those ways you can make your job easier as an over the road truck driver. Technology is one great way to do this, especially with the invention of apps. An app, or application, is a small-scale computer program that lets you do wondrous things with your smartphone, tablet and laptop. You can find your destination faster, avoid county mounties, and make your day a little more interesting with these seven trucker apps.

Trucker 411

The Trucker 411 app does a lot of things including locating truck parking and truck stops. However it also lets you keep tabs on the local weather forecast. Using this app you can get up-to-the-minute weather information from the National Weather Service. But you can do this with your weather app on your phone, you say. That is true, but with the Trucker 411 app you can also get the weather based on GPS coordinates for counties and states. This gives you the most accurate location-specific weather data you can find even if you are in the middle of nowhere.

RoadSwap App

If you are one of those truckers who has seen all of the movies in your cab, has played all your video games until you could memorize each scene, and has read all of the paperbacks stacked up in your sleeper, then RoadSwap is a must. Using the RoadSwap app you can post stuff you want to get rid of, in exchange for items other truckers are bored to death with. This is a great way to switch out your gently used items for stuff you can actually use, while saving money and space. Got a pair of new work boots that you never wear because they were a bit snug when you bought them? Trade them via the RoadSwap app for a pair of waterproof gloves and some gently used coveralls. The swapping also provides a social aspect for truckers over the road.

Truck Driving Jobs App

Ready to find that better paying trucking company to work for? Need to locate a regional truck driving job that is closer to home? Want to find a trucking company that offers the best benefits? It’s all at the tip of your fingers with the Truck Driving Jobs app. This app lets you search for the best paying trucking companies, while having access to trucker company profiles and contact info. You can search for jobs according to haul type. When you find one that fits, apply using the app for the ultimate in over the road convenience. Theoretically you could find a new trucking job while still on route with your old one, which is some serious productivity.

Zeen – GPS Traffic Map Reports

Now this one is a doozy. Here’s an app that lets you find the bears and bear traps, aka police and cops sitting with radar guns, along your route. Zeen is a GPS app that gives you turn-by-turn navigation for those behind the wheel of a big rig. If you have a regular GPS that doesn’t direct you in truck/bus mode, this app is a lifesaver. However, the real beauty is on the navigational maps it provides. Along your route you will see symbols indicating police, checkpoints, road hazards, traffic jams, and construction zones. The app also shows you where truck stops, rest areas, toll booths, and weigh stations are on the map. You can even find the nearest Wi-Fi service providers using Zeen.


As for GPS apps for truckers RoadHunter is another in-demand program. Using the same community-provided data as Zeen, RoadHunter has up-to-date info on truck driver parking situations, Walmart parking for truckers, and weigh stations open for inspections. You can also access updated diesel prices at truck stops so you can better gauge your fuel expenses over the road.

4 Road Service

If you get into a jam and need service roadside plug into 4 Road Service. This app shows you where the nearest truck services and big rig shops are to your location. It works in the US, as well as in Canada for those taking loads across our northern border. You can access locations of semi truck towing services, road service providers, and repair shops using your location, or according to a city and state.


Here is an app that is something most truckers probably don’t even realize they need until they have it. GeoReader reads out those historical markers of landmarks as you drive by them on the highways and byways across the nation. Turn your trips into educational opportunities as you get a front row seat at American history without detouring from your route. You can also use voice dictation to describe locations as you pass them by. Know a little bit more about the history of a famous building? Share your insight with the app and help others who use GeoReader using the user tag system.

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