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3 Best Trucking Apps for 2017
August 8th, 2017

Here we are halfway through the year, and it’s time to round up the best trucking apps for 2017. Of course, there’s always a chance another great trucking app will come onto the market before Santa Claus comes to town. In the meantime, here are the apps we recommend that you download onto your mobile devices to increase your productivity, reduce stress, and simply make your truck driver jobs a little easier. So, what are we waiting for, here’s the top smartphone apps for truck drivers for 2017.

Trucker Tools

Presented by Overdrive Magazine, Trucker Tools was first released in March 2016. After giving this app some thumb time, it’s time to call it a top pick for the year. The app is free for users on Android and Apple products. Reviewers note that the app is very accurate in its information, which is key to making an app worth a trucker’s time. What can you look forward to with Trucker Tools?

  • Geofencing technology ensures you can get real-time information about traffic and weather, as well as pick-up and delivery alerts
  • Full route maps for truckers
  • Complete compliance with electronic logging devices thanks to fully automated tracking that includes auto-start and stop features
  • Tracks all types of loads including relay loads, as well as truck breakdowns for ELD reports
  • Provides a way to instantly communicate with your fellow truck drivers or dispatchers, as well as a way to input information including load weight, invoice numbers, number of pieces per loads, and reefer temps

As you can see, Trucker Tools offers a wealth of opportunities for a trucking app. It’s worth your time to download it and see how it can apply to your workload.

Trucker Path Pro

We have seen this app on lists in previous years, and for good reason. Trucker Path Premium gives you all the perks of this app for only $1.99 a month. Do you need to upgrade and subscribe to get the most out of this app? If you hate ads and want to have night mode, then yes, go ahead and shell out for the subscription service. Otherwise you can always get the following features for free with your Trucker Path app:

  • Information about more than 6,000 truck stops, including locations, reviews of independent truck stops, truck stops with showers, and rest area information
  • Truck parking availability in real-time at truck stops, reserved truck parking lots, and Walmart locations offering overnight parking for truckers
  • Information about weigh station locations and scales, and whether an upcoming station is open or closed, as well as your weigh station status history and CAT scale locations
  • Fuel stops at truck stops and gas stations that offer trucker clearance
  • Fuel price comparisons
  • Trip planner services including hotels, restaurants, truck wash locations, and low clearance bridges along your route

Truckloads and Freight — Truck Load Boards

Another app by Trucker Path that ranks high on the priority list is Truckloads and Freight — Truck Loads Boards. This app provides truck drivers with the following:

  • Free access to load boards for 700-plus trucking carriers
  • Ability to search for 100,000-plus loads daily, while being able to contact a shipper with a single click within the app
  • Upon successful delivery of the load, get paid within one day using the Instapay feature.

This app revolutionizes the way truckers find loads and can reduce downtime and deadheading in a click of a button. While the app itself is free, you will pay a 3.5 percent flat fee as a non-recourse rate. Considering the amount of money you can earn based on the time savings of this app, that 3.5 percent fee is a drop in the bucket. Start earning more with your truck, while having more control over shipments and your customers using this handy trucking app.

Combining the Best App Services

If you want to get the most out of applications on your smartphone device, plan on using more than one trucker app. That’s because you want to choose the best app for whatever services you need. For example, if you are on the search for truck stops and fuel prices, then the Trucker Path app is your best bet, period.

However, if you need an app that offers dispatcher-truck driver communications and ELD record keeping, then the Trucker Tools app is a hot commodity. When you need to fill your trailer for a ride back home or to get you to your next destination without going broke, then the Truck Load Boards app is a major win.

Trucking technology has transformed the trucking industry, and not always for the best. However, if you can take advantage of trucking apps like these, you can increase your pay rates and make the best use of your time. All you need is a mobile device with cellular data or wireless internet connectivity, and you are all set. While the apps mentioned here are all free to use, the benefits and payback of those with fees greatly exceed the cost.

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