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Averitt - ERM
A.D. Transport - SR
A.D. Transport Express
Ace Hardware
American Central Transport
American Central Transport - CD
Anderson Trucking Service (ATS)
Anderson Trucking Service - SR
Anderson Trucking Services
Atlas Van Lines
Averitt - DAP PT
Averitt - DSS
Averitt - HIL PT
Averitt - Shoe Carnival Flex
Averitt Express, Inc.
Barber Trucking
Barr-Nunn Transportation - Company Drivers
Barr-Nunn Transportation - OTR Solo
Barr-Nunn Transportation - Teams
Barr-Nunn Transportation Established Teams
Barr-Nunn Transportation OTR & Regional
Basin Transportation
Bay & Bay Transportation - CD
Bengal Transportation
Bennett Motor Express
Big M Transport
Blair Logistics - LP
Blair Logistics Inc
Boyd Bros. Transportation, Inc. - SR
Butler Transport
Celadon Driving Academy
Celadon Specialized Fleet
Celadon Trucking - CD
Celadon Trucking - Flatbed
Central Oregon Trucking CO.
CFI - Student
CHS, Inc.
Clark Transfer
Covenant Transport
Cowan Lease Purchase
Cowan Lease Purchase S.R.
Crete Carrier Corp
Crete Carrier OTR
CRST Dedicated CAT
CRST Dedicated YRC
CRST Expedited
CRST Expedited - California
CRST Expedited Plus
CRST Malone
CRST Van Expedited
CRST Van Expedited Pro
Crum Trucking
Crum Trucking - SR
Dart Transit - Company Drivers
Dart Transit Company
Davis Express
Decker Truck Line, INC
Dedicated Delivery Professionals
Dynamic Foods
Dynamic Transit
E.L. Hollingsworth
Estenson Logistics
EW Wylie Corporation
Experior Transport
Fleetmaster Express, Inc.
Fort Transfer - Baton Rouge
Fort Transfer Mid-West
Fortrans Inc.
Forward Air Transportation Services
George Hildebrandt
George Hildebrandt - Canaan
Giltner Inc
Go-To Transport, Inc.
Groendyke Transport
Hartt Transportation Services North
Hartt Transportation Services South
Heritage Dedicated Services, Inc.
Hill Brothers
Hirschbach Motor Lines, Inc
Hobby Lobby
Hogan Transports
Hoge Motor Company
Hub Group Trucking
Hyway Trucking
Iowa 80
Island Transportation Corp.
Island Transportation Corp. Mechanic
J & R Schugel
J.B. Hunt Transport
K&B Transportation
Landstar Crosson
Logan Trucking
Loudon County Trucking
Magnum Express, Inc.
Marten Transport
Marten Transport - Regional/OTR
Maverick - Dewitt, IA
Maverick - Orangeburg, SC
Maverick Priority Division
Maverick Transportation
McCloskey International - Service Technician
McCloskey International - Technical Salesperson
McLane - Portland
McLane Cincinnati
McLane Cumberland
McLane Denver
McLane Findlay
McLane Oklahoma
Melton Truck Lines
Milan Supply Chains
Montgomery Transport
National Freight Inc
National Strategic Transportation
Noblehouse Home Furnishings
NTB Trucking
Olsen and Fielding Mayflower
Outwest Express LLC
P&S Transportation
Panther Premium Logistics - Cargo Vans
Panther Premium Logistics - Straight Truck
Panther Premium Logistics - Tractor-Trailer
Paschall Truck Lines - Lease
Paschall Truck Lines - Students
Penske Logistics Corporation
Perfect Timing Transportation
PGT Trucking, INC
Phenix Transportation
Poly Trucking Inc
Prime Inc.
Prime Inc. - SLC Technician
Prime, Inc. - Student
Professional Driver Agency
Quality Carriers - Tennessee
Quality Companies - Better Management Corp (BMC)
Quality Companies - Kelle's Transport Service (KTS)
Quality Companies - Zeitner & Sons (ZS)
Quality Custom Distribution - Florida
Quality Custom Distribution - North Carolina
Quality Custom Distribution - Virginia
Quest Global
Quest Global OO
R B Browns Trucking
R. E. Garrison
R.W. Earhart
RE Garrison-Birmingham
Red Classic Transit
Riechmann Transport
Roy Miller Freight Lines
Royal Express
RWI Transportation
Schneider National
Seaboard Transportation
Smith Systems Transportation
Smith Trucking
Southern Pines Trucking
Southern Refrigerated Transport
Southern Refrigerated Transport- Student
Star Transportation
State Tractor
Stevens Distributors
Summitt Trucking
Super Service Recruiting
Swift Transportation - Experienced
Swift Transportation - Recent Grads
Swift Transportation - Students
TGL Logistics
The Waggoners Trucking Company
Thomas Transportation
Thomas Transportation LLC
TransAm Trucking
Transcarrier Inc
Transco Lines, Inc.
Transport America
Tri-State Expedited
US Xpress - Student - SR
US Xpress - Dedicated
US Xpress - Experienced
US Xpress - Lease
US Xpress - PRO
US Xpress - Team
US Xpress OTR Regional Dedicated
Venezia Transport
Venezia Transport- LPG/ASP
Venture Logistics
Vernon Milling Company
Watkins & Shepard
Weinrich Truck Line, Inc
Wellborn Cabinet
Werner - Nationwide
Werner - Northeast
Werner Midwest
Werner Southeast
Werner West
West Side Transport
West Side Transport - Dedicated
Western Express CD
Western Express Company Driver
Western Express LP
Western Express Recent Grads & Students
Western Express Students
Whiteline Express
WTI Transport
Zeller LLC
How Trump’s Two-for-One Regulation Repeal Affects Truckers How Trump’s Two-for-One Regulation Repeal Affects Truckers
How Trump’s Two-for-One Regulation Repeal Affects Truckers
Written By
March 11th, 2017

If regulations could be repealed for the trucking industry, what would this look like? Would it mean that the dreaded electronic logging rule and speed limiter mandate will never see the light of day? This is what the majority of truck drivers are hoping, as well as most trucking companies. Trump was elected with the campaign promise of cutting back federal regulations, and so far he’s holding to his statement.

He is now requiring that regulations cannot be approved and passed into the Federal Register unless two regulations are removed in the process. While safety advocates and lobbyists for various regulatory processes are sounding alarms, there is hope among truckers that some of the latest regulations, particularly those with the FAST Act Bill, will be repealed.

Regulations for Truckers Cause for Alarm

One of the biggest concerns facing truck drivers right now is the push for new, large-scale regulations. These include:

  • Speed limiter rule mandate
  • Electronic logging device or ELD mandate
  • Hair sampling for drug testing
  • A Drug and Alcohol Clearinghouse database where all drug test results for truckers are contained indefinitely
  • New truck driver training requirement in order to get a CDL or endorsements

The point of these regulations are to make highways safer for the general public by restricting and controlling truck drivers. Yet the more truckers are regulated by the federal government, the harder it becomes to focus on the task at hand. Hauling freight is the primary goal for any truck driver trying to make a living. But with all of these new regulations being established, freight carriers including American Central Transport, Bay & Bay Transportation, and Dart Transit Company are spending more in time and money to remain compliant with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA).

This is one of the reasons that Trump is so popular among truck drivers. He has promised to repeal regulations at a super fast clip. In the latest news Trump demands federal agencies to slash two regulations for every new one approved. So what will this mean for truck drivers and the trucking industry as a whole?

Regulations In Flux

Currently the speed limiter mandate has been put on hold, per Trump’s direct orders. The FMCSA has also tabled the new truck driver training policy indefinitely. While the e-log device rule has not been mentioned yet, truckers have until December for something to be said about this regulation. The hope by many is that the e-log devices will be nixed before they go live. According to Trump’s declaration of cutting two regulations for every new one created, there is a strong belief that at least some of the latest trucking regulations will be culled.

At the same time the new administration and president has yet to remove any regulations successfully. The promise of reducing regulations by 75 and even 80 percent has simply not been realized at this point. There is also a current lawsuit set against Trump and Secretary of Transportation Elaine Chao that states cutting regulations at this pace is unconstitutional. So will the new president be able to achieve what he hopes to accomplish? That is the question every truck driver is waiting to hear answered.

Reason for Cutting Trucking Regulations

The majority of truck driving regulations set forth by the federal government through the FMCSA are focused on highway safety. After all, that is the primary mission of the FMCSA, to protect the public highways and ensure safety for passenger car drivers and commercial haulers. Therefore, all of the regulations we see are created with that in mind. The problem here is that truck drivers themselves are second-place to safety regulations. Sure, certain regulations like hours of service rules are intended to make it safer for truckers by reducing fatigue. Yet this particular regulation is so convoluted that it almost takes a mathematician to calculate HOS for a trip.

Also, these regulations, such as electronic logging devices, discount any real-life variables that disrupt a trucker’s life, such as weather conditions or road work. As a result, most regulations that the federal government has established should either be reformed with truckers as the primary focus, or repealed altogether.


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